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5 Best Animal Shelters in Broken Arrow, OK [Ranked 2024]

If you’re looking to add a furry friend to your family or support a worthy cause, consider adopting from one of the animal shelters in Broken Arrow. These shelters provide a safe haven for animals in need and work tirelessly to find them loving homes.

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Here are the top animal shelters in Broken Arrow.

1. Broken Arrow Animal Shelter

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The Broken Arrow Animal Shelter is a municipal shelter dedicated to caring for stray and surrendered animals. They provide a temporary home for dogs and cats, ensuring they receive proper care, vaccinations, and medical treatment. The shelter also focuses on finding forever homes for their animals through adoption events and community outreach.

2. Animal Aid of Tulsa

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Animal Aid of Tulsa is a nonprofit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes animals. They have a dedicated team of volunteers who provide medical care, socialization, and training to prepare the animals for adoption. Animal Aid of Tulsa also offers low-cost spay/neuter services to help control the pet population.

3. StreetCats, Inc.

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StreetCats, Inc. is a rescue and adoption organization focused on providing a safe haven for stray and abandoned cats. They provide veterinary care, socialization, and foster homes for cats in need. StreetCats also operates a thrift store, where the proceeds go directly towards supporting their rescue efforts.

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4. The Arrow Fund

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The Arrow Fund is a rescue group that specializes in rehabilitating animals who have been victims of abuse, neglect, or medical emergencies. They work closely with veterinarians to provide necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation for animals in critical condition. The Arrow Fund is committed to finding these animals loving homes where they can thrive.

5. Tulsa Animal Welfare

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While not located directly in Broken Arrow, Tulsa Animal Welfare is a nearby shelter that serves the greater Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow. They rescue and care for a wide range of animals, including dogs, cats, and small animals. They offer adoption services, volunteer opportunities, and educational programs to promote responsible pet ownership.

By adopting from one of these animal shelters in Broken Arrow, not only will you be providing a loving home for a deserving animal, but you’ll also be supporting the vital work these organizations do in rescuing and caring for animals in need. Remember, adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment, so take the time to find the perfect companion for your family.

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