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3 Best Animal Shelters in Norman, OK [2024]

Who doesn’t love animals, and most of us even want to have one as a pet given the right circumstances. However, society in general can be very cruel at times to these animals. We see news of pets being left by owners, or being throw away cubs to various other instances where their lives truly are in danger.

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Thankfully, there a few animal shelters in Norman that are doing their part to help these poor animals out. If you want to know more about them or adopt a pet from them, then check out this list of the best animal shelters in Norman.

1. City of Norman Animal Welfare

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Founded in 2016, City of Norman Animal Welfare is one of the best animal shelters in Norman, and it primarily focuses on promoting animal welfare and protection of rescued animals. This facility is built on a 13,000-sq. ft. area which offers a wide range of facilities and services for animals. Moreover, you can also adopt a pet from here as well.

2. Second Chance Animal Rescue

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Second Chance Animal Rescue is an non-for-profit animal shelter situated in Norman. This amazing pet shelter in dedicated to helping animals in need, and offers care, protection and shelter to the rescued animals, making Second Chance Animal Rescue one of the best animal shelters in Norman.

3. Hands Helping Paws, Inc.

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Hands Helping Paws, Inc. is a dedicated dog shelter situated in the City of Norman. It is one of the best dog shelters in the city, and is recognized by locals as one of the standout animals shelters in Norman because of its amazing work in terms protection and caring of dogs.

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If you want to adopt a pet or cat, any one of these animal shelters can help you out with that. Alongside cats and dogs, their are also numerous other animals that you’ll find in these shelters, which are up for adoption.

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