Antique Stores in Norman

7 Antique Stores in Norman, OK [2024]

Norman is the home of the National Weather Center which includes state and federal weather agencies, including the Storm Prediction Center, the National Severe Storms Laboratory and even the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, which is a significant American environmental agency.

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However, climate isn’t the only fascinating thing about Norman. It also has a storied past and incredible heritage. This history is preserved in Norman primarily in its museums and antique stores. This Oklahoma-based city is home to some amazing antique stores.

The best antique stores in Norman are listed below.

1. Bruce’s Vintage Guitars & Antiques

Call: 4053293679 (View on Map)

Bruce Remy’s family has owned the downtown Norman structure at 306 E Main since the 1930s. Several businesses, including a hat producer, car mechanics, and most famously Remy’s grandfather, who operated Leadbetter Buick and Motor Co. there from 1935 until 1965, have occupied the property.

Last spring, when the store’s lease expired, Remy believed it would be the ideal opportunity to display his collection of antique guitars. For those who were less musically talented, he contributed antiques. Bruce’s Vintage Guitars & Antiques is the outcome.

2. S & J Marketplace

Call: 4053211242 (View on Map)

S & J Marketplace is a fairly large antique mall in Norman. It is extremely well organized, but the prices are high compared to antique stores in nearby areas of Norman. The store is full of amazing antique items, and offers a wide range of options to customers.

3. The Vintage Rose

Call: 4053973709 (View on Map)

The Vintage Rose is one of the most well-known antique stores in Norman. It is an antique, vintage and repurposed store with lots of unique treasures on offer. This Oklahoma-based antique store is usually closed during the holidays.

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4. Outreach Thriftique Store & Donation Center

Call: 4053602585Visit Website (View on Map)

The Outreach Thrift Shop provides affordable costs compared to other thrift stores in the area while still selling and distributing high-quality clothes and household stuff. Consumers prefer to shop in a spotless and orderly setting. Here, many antique items and clothing can be found for incredibly affordable rates.

5. Robinson’s Repurposed an Eclectic Market Place

Call: 4055799790Visit Website (View on Map)

Robinson’s is here to assist you in living a sustainable lifestyle. It was created with the idea of repurposing unusual historical artifacts, and it has serviced Norman and the Oklahoma Metropolitan since 2012. With sustainability as a core value in Robinson’s mission, high-quality antique items can be found in this marketplace.

6. Antique World

Call: 4053874050 (View on Map)

With over decades of experience, Antique World is acknowledged authority on antiques, collectibles, and fine arts in the City of Norman. It is one of the best collections of antique items in Oklahoma and has a great customer base in the city of Norman. This store is part of the massive Antique World brand which has 5 shops across the US.

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7. Theo’s Marketplace

Call: 4053640728 (View on Map)

The workforce at Theo’s Marketplace has been in the industry of offering their customers high-quality goods for their homes for the last 40 years. Theo’s has grown from an antique store in the heart of Norman to a 16,000 sq. ft. store on Bart Conner Drive, and it remains committed to offering high-quality furniture, home decor, and antiquities along with first-rate customer support.

Norman isn’t home to that many antique stores, but most of the ones present here offer top-notch quality. Where you want to buy antique items as a gift or for your personal use, then make sure to visit any of these antique stores in Norman.

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