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11 Best Bakeries in Tulsa, OK [2024]

Tulsa might not have many things in terms of entertainment or modern amenities, or too many fancy exotic, or European restaurants. But, it makes up for that with the amount of top-class local and foreign owned and operated bakeries it has. Whether you love cakes, cookies or donuts, you can find them in the highest quality in Tulsa’s bakeries.

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These are the best bakeries in Tulsa.

1. Kupcakz Bakery

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bakeries in Tulsa

At Kupcakz, staff members start baking from scratch at 4:30 each morning, using only the best quality and tasting ingredients. Moreover, Kupcakz bakes using high-quality and organic butter, milk, flour and sugar. It specializes in making cupcakes, cakes and frostings.

2. All Things Cake

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All Things Cake, family-owned bakery, which features various kinds of useful baking tools, along with supplies of baking goods. Additionally, it takes customized classes for its specialty cakes recipes as well.

3. Merritt’s Bakery

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Merritt's Bakery

Merritt’s Bakery was created after years of trial and error, errors, corrections, and nearly continual attempts at improvement. During this time, the bakery made enhancements to workplace conditions, revenue, profitability, and most importantly, the bakery’s reputation. Although majority of our workforce is made up of regular people from Tulsa’s North and West sides, it has learnt how to make a variety of elegant cakes and pastries, over the years.

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4. Antoinette Baking Co.

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Antoinette Baking Co., one of the best bakeries in Tulsa, is a romantic, modern nook specializing in gourmet cakes, pies, macarons and numerous kinds of coffee drinks.

5. Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery

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Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery is a local family-owned bakery, cafe, and coffeehouse in Tulsa. It specializes in bringing quality confections, fresh cafe style food, and beverages to the community of Tulsa and is super proud to call this city home, while serving its residents.

6. Pancho Anaya Bakery

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Currently, Pancho Anaya Bakery co-packs nationally as well as wholesale to various restaurants and distributors in Tulsa, and across the United States. Additionally, you can be on the lookout for some amazing new products which it is supposed to launch later this year.

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7. Little J’s Bakeshoppe & Coffee

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Little J’s Bakeshoppe & Coffee, as the name suggests, is a bakery and coffee place in Tulsa that has a big customer base due to its specialty products. Moreover, Little J’s Bakeshoppe & Coffee is renowned for its cakes, as well as, other dessert items.

8. Cupcakes By Lu

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Cupcakes By Lu was started by a passionate Brazilian baker named Luciane, who moved to Tulsa in 2009. This is an unique bakery in Tulsa that is distinctive due to its Latin American influence, which is brought one by Luciane herself, who is a highly-talented baker that makes with a passion.

9. Barbee Cookies Downtown

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It’s been twelve years since this bakery was started and it has experienced amazing growth, which has been a incredible fairy tale. Barbee Cookies Downtown has incredibly supportive local customers and businesses who purchase its cookies and cakes regularly.

10. Zoe Cakes Unlimited

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Zoe Cakes Unlimited prides itself on designing each cake around an individual’s aesthetic tastes, interests, and flavor preferences. It consists of a wide variety of sweet treats and cakes ranging from music-themed to sports-related sweets.

11. Great Harvest Bread Co.

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This Great Harvest Bread Co. in Tulsa is an amazing bakery. Its passion for great tasting, nutritious bread, and desire to run a community-based business, has led to establishment of Great Harvest Bread Co.

These are just some of the amazing bakeries present in Tulsa. Depending what what kind of dessert items you are looking for, you can choose any one of these bakeries, and trust me you really can’t make a bad choice here.

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