Bike Trails in Norman

10 Bike Trails in Norman, OK [2024]

Looking for the best hiking trails in Norman? Whether you’re getting ready to hike, bike, trail run, or explore other outdoor activities, this list of Norman’s most stunning bike trails will surely help you out a lot!

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The list of consists of trails that are not great for mountain biking, but also for hiking, trekking, picnic, camping and much more!

So, without further to do, check out this list of the best bike trails in Norman.

1. Creekside Bike Park

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Creekside Bike Park is 12 acres of multi terrain land that is fitted with various bike skill amenities for all skill levels. Off-road trails, picnic spots, camping spots, jump line and much more is available along this trail in Creekside Park.

2. Clear Bay Trails

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This trail is easy walk, heavily wooded for plenty of shade. On a Sunday afternoon it is usually very tranquil with not a lot of foot/bike traffic. Moreover, this trail offers easier access to some of the more complex and difficult runs. Some of the trails run up to 10 miles in a loop and several short cuts exist if you don’t want to do the full loop.

3. Sutton Wilderness Trail Park

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Sutton Wilderness Trail Park is a picturesque natural area featuring a lake, unpaved woodland hiking trails & a wooden gazebo. Nestled in this wilderness area, is one of the most stunning bike trails in Norman, Sutton Wilderness Trail. This park is famous for having bike trails that offer family-friendly environment.

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4. Clear Bay Trails Trailhead

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Good trail that is easy to find off the road and is great for riding mountain bikes. Lots of sand, also a lot of stumps and fallen trees are on the trail. Clear Bay Trails Trailhead is quite wide, and it is very well-maintained.

5. Canadian Trails Park

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There is a gravel road that leads down to the river which is a by-foot trail in Canadian Trails Park. Moreover, the small sidewalk that circles this tiny park is considered as one of its main trails. Canadian Trails Park also has picnic areas, playground and much more!

6. Sequoyah Trail Park

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It’s a really great place to walk your pets or enjoy a nice bike ride along the road. The trail itself is quite a popular destination in the City of Norman and widely-used for biking. It is also a nice shady park that is perfect for you, if you wanted to let the kids play while you sat and relaxed.

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7. Lake Thunderbird State Park

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In Cleveland County, Oklahoma, there is a 1,874 acre state park called Lake Thunderbird State Park. On State Highway 9, it is located 12 miles east of Norman, Oklahoma. According to National Public Radio, this park saw more than 637,000 visits in 2011. Activity fees brought in $461,506 and the operation cost was $1.2 million.

8. Woodcreek Park

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Woodcreek Park is a local recreation center including a basketball court, fitness equipment, and picnic and play areas. Established in 1994, this neighborhood park also provides residents with a play structure, picnic table, and open field area for youth sports clubs, alongside the Woodcreek Park trails.

9. Chisholm’s Cattle Trail Park

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The west side of this park is just a meadow between a stream on the south and houses on the north, making it an ideal location to let your dogs run about. The east side of Chisholm’s Cattle Trail Park features a playground for kids.

10. Colonial Estate Trail

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Colonial Estates Park is a simple green space offering walking/running paths, a playground, disc golf & picnic areas. Located on E. Lindsey Street in Norman, Colonial Estates is highly renowned for its trailhead, the Colonial Estate Trail. There is also a splash pad along this trailhead.

Norman is a typical “Sooner State” city that is blessed with many beautiful natural sceneries and amenities, one of which are beautiful trails. The trails mentioned-above are mostly nestled in wilderness areas, giving visitors an awe-inspiring natural feel.

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