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10 Best Bike Trails in Tulsa, OK [2024]

Tulsa is one of the most natural cities in Oklahoma, lying on the Arkansas River. The city is full of natural forests, campgrounds, state parks and numerous other amenities. Hiking and mountain biking in particular, are very popular pastimes in this city.

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The city is surrounded by many natural areas and trailheads that are perfect for a morning bike ride. These trails offer mostly plain surfaces that are fit for riding bikes in, while also offering stunning scenic views of nature as you get engulfed by the morning Sun rays.

So, check out this list of the best bike trails in Tulsa.

1. River Parks Trail

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Bike Trails in Tulsa

River Parks Trail is a 26-mile trail system that runs through Tulsa and numerous nearby communities along the Arkansas River. Along the route, the trail provides stunning views of the river and connects to various parks, attractions, and neighborhoods.

2. Osage Prairie Trail

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Situated in Tulsa’s northwest corner, Osage Prairie Trail is a 14-mile track winds through the Osage Hills and provides a lovely route for cyclists wishing to get away from the city and enjoy nature. Moreover, the trail offers an amazing scenic surrounding, and is one of the best bike trails in Tulsa.

3. Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

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Located in southeastern Tulsa, Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area is a natural region has over 25 miles of hiking, trail running, and mountain biking routes. The trails are rated for difficulty and provide stunning views of the Arkansas River valley.

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4. Terrace Park & Trail

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Terrace Park & Trail

The Terrace Park Trail is about 1.3 miles long and provides a beautiful route for walkers, runners, and cyclists. Because the track is reasonably flat and simple to travel, it is suitable for persons of all physical conditioning. Beautiful vistas of the park’s undulating hills, trees and shrubs, and green areas will greet you along the journey.

5. Midland Valley Trail

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Midland Valley Trail is a 4.5-mile track winds through the heart of downtown Tulsa and provides commuting bicycles with a safe and convenient route. The Tulsa Arts District and the University of Tulsa are two main employment locations served by the route.

6. Mingo Trail

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Mingo Trail is a 7-mile track in eastern Tulsa travels through various parks and neighborhoods and provides a lovely route for leisure bikers. The trail is quite flat and has a number of amenities such as picnic sites, playgrounds, and restrooms.

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7. Katy Trail

This 12-mile trail runs through several suburbs in the southern part of the Tulsa metro area and connects to several parks and neighborhoods. The trail is relatively flat and features several amenities, including water fountains and benches.

8. S. River Parks Trail

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For bikers, runners, and walkers, the S. River Parks Trail provides a wonderful and scenic route. Because the trail is generally flat and paved, it is suitable for persons of all fitness levels. You’ll witness beautiful views of the river and surrounding countryside, as well as various parks, attractions, and communities along the way.

9. Eastland BMX Trails

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The Eastland BMX Trails are accessible year-round, weather permitting, and are free to use. Because there are no lights in the park, the paths are only open during the day. The park also lacks running water and restrooms, so riders should plan appropriately.

10. A. B. Jewell Walking Trail

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The A.B. Jewell Walking Path is about 1.3 miles long and extends from Pine Street to Archer Street on Elgin Avenue. Moreover, because the trail is paved and generally flat, it is suitable for persons of all fitness levels.

Tulsa has plenty of bike trails to explore. Whether you’re a casual rider seeking for a scenic route or a seasoned cyclist looking for a hard workout, you’ll find a trail on this list suits your criteria perfectly.

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