cemeteries in Tulsa

10 Prime Cemeteries in Tulsa, OK [List of 2024]

Like the majority of other major cities, Tulsa has a few old cemeteries. Tulsa doesn’t have a lot of cemeteries, but it still has dozens of them that are historically significant and the final resting places of a few of the city’s most well-known residents.

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Also, there are a lot of wartime, spooky, and historical stories in these cemeteries. These are a few of Tulsa’s oldest and most enduring monuments.

So, these are the best cemeteries in Tulsa.

1. Memorial Park Cemetery

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cemeteries in Tulsa

Memorial Park Cemetery has served as a community meeting place for many years. From 1946 to 1957, an Easter Pageant that portrayed the circumstances surrounding Jesus Christ’s death was performed. It has been observed that this particular event draws 50,000–80,000 attendees.

2. Perryman Cemetery

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There are about fifty people interred at the cemetery, along with a few unmarked graves. The Perryman family had a significant role in the development of Tulsa in the 19th century. After his family was forced to relocate to the community of “Tulsey Tulova” due to a cholera outbreak in the Broken Arrow region in 1848, Lewis Perryman laid out the cemetery in its current site.

3. Rose Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park

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Since 1997, Rose Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park has provided dedicated and compassionate care to families of Tulsa and surrounding communities. Its funeral home offers a range of personalized services for families to honor their loved ones and remember a life well lived. Whether you’re making your arrangements at time of need or in advance, Rose Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park’s caring staff is here to walk with you through the journey.

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4. Oaklawn Cemetery

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Oaklawn Cemetery

The oldest cemetery still in use in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is called Oaklawn Cemetery. The graves of some of Tulsa’s most notable historical personalities are interred there, which is a 20-acre plot of land.

5. Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens

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Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens is a wonderful place for you to take afternoon walks while also keeping a social distance. Although it is a cemetery, residents around the area can also use it a area of recreation.

6. Clinton Oak Redfork Cemetery

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Clinton Oak Redfork Cemetery is a well-known cemetery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cemetery has no plots for sale but still has new burials in existing family plots.

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7. Park Grove Cemetery

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Park Grove Cemetery is located in Tulsa, and offers various services. Its services are performed by the Cemetery Division workers include grave openings, maintenance of cemetery grounds, showing and selling of cemetery lots, and location of gravesites.

8. Crown Hill Cemetery

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Crown Hill Cemetery in Tulsa county was originally started for African Americans. One thing not well-known about this cemetery is that the buildings were constructed with bricks reclaimed from the destruction of the Greenwood area of Tulsa during the race riots of 1921. This area was called the black wallstreet of America before it turned into a cemetery.

9. Meadowbrook Cemetery

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Meadowbrook is located in west Tulsa, and the cemetery is situated less than half a mile on the left side of the main road. It consists a total of 166 memorials, which is not small at all for a city like Tulsa.

10. Crown Hill Funeral Home

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Crown Hill Funeral Home is a funeral home and a cemetery that provides all-in-all services to families that have lost a loved one in the time when they need it the most. It is located in Tulsa, and is one of the best funeral home/cemeteries there.

There are over two dozens cemeteries in Tulsa, most which date back centuries. These cemeteries contain the graves of highly renowned historical and local figures, as well as, most residents of Tulsa.

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