Chinese buffet in Tulsa

8 Places for Chinese Buffet in Tulsa, OK [2024]

Tulsa is a genuinely All-American community that upholds and honors the nation in the most conventional manners. Tulsa, however, provides a vast variety of foods that are multi cultural, packed with exotic flavors, and made using ingredients as well as recipes that are culturally enhanced.

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The prominence of Chinese restaurants and eateries in the city is one of the greatest ways to illustrate Tulsa’s love of different cuisines.

So, check out the top Chinese buffet in Tulsa.

1. Buffet Palace

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The basic tenet of Buffet Palace is to make things straightforward, delectable, and to give guests of the restaurant a pleasant, at-home atmosphere. It is one of the best-reviewed Chinese buffet places in Tulsa, and the simplicity, freshness and reasonable pricing for its dishes just underlines how home-like it really is.

2. China Wok Super Buffet

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Chinese buffet in Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma, may enjoy delectable takeaway and dining at China Wok Mega Buffet. It is a pillar of the Tulsa community and is known for its superb Chinese buffet offerings, first-rate service, and welcoming personnel. China Wok Super Buffet is one of the best Chinese buffet places in Tulsa.

3. Beijing Gourmet

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Beijing Gourmet is a spacious buffet restaurant offering a wide range of Chinese dishes, sushi & a Mongolian BBQ station. It is an all you can eat Chinese buffet, which primarily is known for its Sushi and Mongolian Grill.

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4. China Garden

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China Garden

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the China Garden Restaurant serves up wonderful and authentic Chinese food. China Garden is a great option for dine-in and take-out in the Tulsa region because of its ideal location and reasonable costs. Also, the restaurant is renowned for its high-quality, fresh ingredients and taste variety.

5. New Royal Dragon

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New Royal Dragon’s commitment is to provide you with the best Chinese cuisine options to satisfy your hunger. Additionally, it will offer you with a variety of options to ensure you have the best culinary experience.

6. Shanghai Avenue Super Buffet

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Shanghai Avenue is a large spacious Chinese Restaurant with a large display of Buffet style food. This buffet places specializes on food items that are highly popular in the Shanghai area.

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7. Toyosu Buffet | All You Can Eat Japanese, Mongolian, Chinese & American Cuisine

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Many of the seafood options at Toyosu Buffet go above and beyond to satisfy customers. For instance, its buffet menu offers items like Blue Crab, Clam, Baked Salmon, Frog Legs, Oysters, Crawfish, Spicy Baby Octopus, Baked Swai Fillet, Fried Fish, Boiled Shrimp, Fried Shrimp, and Stuffed Shrimp.

8. Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

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Golden Corral Buffet & Grill is a family-friendly buffet chain featuring all-you-can-eat American fare, plus salad & dessert bars. It is a standout buffet place in Tulsa, and certainly offers one of the best Chinese buffets in the city.

The list above demonstrates how commonplace Chinese cuisine, particularly Chinese buffets, are in Tulsa. Since these restaurants offer raw food, some of which are even imported from China directly, in addition to meals prepared using those techniques, they offer exceptional service and quality that should leave you quite happy.

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