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8 Escape Rooms in Tulsa, OK [2024]

There isn’t too much to do in Tulsa in terms of entertainment, relative to bigger, more well-known cities like Oklahoma City. However, there are still quite a few parks and recreational centers that offer a getaway option during your pastimes in Tulsa.

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One of these options of recreational centers include escape rooms, designed for thrill-seekers and made family-friendly as well. If you are looking for such escape rooms in Tulsa to take your family members or your friends, then you might want to check our list.

Here is a list of the best escape rooms in Tulsa.

1. Cinergy’s Extreme Escape Room

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Cinergy Tulsa offers a variety of themes and difficulties for its Escape Rooms, so you can choose your favorite level of difficulty one by one, and try to beat them all! Located in woodland Hills of Tulsa, Cinergy’s Extreme Escape Room is one of the best escape rooms in Tulsa.

2. The Escape Tulsa

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scape rooms in Tulsa

The Escape Tulsa is a restricted area that harbors a dangerous extraterrestrial cover-up mystery. It is up to you, the visitors to unravel the mysteries that lie within this place. It features a 60-minute course and can be played by 2-7 players.


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ELEVENth HOUR ENIGMA claims to offer the premiere experience in terms of escape room services and facilities. The escape room features story-based course including the Tulsa Time, Winchester’s Widow and the Cairo Connection, that all relate to historical events or places.

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4. Next Door Escapes and Entertainment

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Next Door Escapes and Entertainment

Are you ready for an exhilarating challenge? Then you’ll love the experience in Next Door Escapes and Entertainment. This fully themed experience will immerse you in the storyline as you get briefed on your objective.

5. The SafeHouse Tulsa

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The SafeHouse Tulsa is a top-notch escape room experience in Tulsa featuring a brand-new and thrilling real-life escape game. You have precisely one hour to show your mental agility and overcome a number of riddles in one room.

6. Murder Escape

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In the Murder Escape in Tulsa, you and your team will have one hour to solve a mystery. In order to solve this mystery, you will have to do lots of puzzle solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. Only then will you be able to complete this difficult mystery.

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7. The Xcapery Escape Rooms Inc.

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The Xcapery begins your trip with a welcome drink and a free round of mini golf for your exclusive group in its Glow Lounge. Following your round of mini golf, you’ll receive a briefing on your escape room before the games begin.

8. Novel Mysteries Escape Emporium

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Three non-scary escape rooms with no blood, guts, or murder are available at Novel Mysteries Escape Emporium for your group to complete before the timer expires. Whether or not you finish in under the allotted time, you will feel renewed, connected to your group, and experience an adrenaline rush.

Tulsa is home to some truly well-maintained and highly entertaining escape rooms. Whether you’re into solving puzzles or the thrill of escaping monsters, these rooms offer both.

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