fish markets in Tulsa

3 Best Fish Markets in Tulsa, OK [2024]

There is a special feeling of eating fresh fish, which is why fishing as an activity is so popular across the United States. This is due to the love of Tulsa’s residents for fresh, organic food ingredients, and when you talk about fresh foods, the first name that comes to most people’s minds are fish.

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Tulsa is home to a few fish markets that are highly popular among locals and are unrivalled in terms of quality. So, take a look at this list of the best fish markets in Tulsa.

1. White River Fish Market

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fish markets in Tulsa

An old-fashioned store with a wide selection of fish from both coastlines and a laid-back seafood eatery is known as White River Fish Market. It’s not surprising that the recipes have been developed given their waterlogged many years of experience. White River is still the best place to go for a casual fish feast with affordable costs for anyone.

2. Reasor’s

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Reasor’s is an employee-owned, full-service, fish market that is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It has over 17 locations all across the northeastern side of Oklahoma. Additionally, Reasor’s has a significant presence in the Tulsa metro area. It is one of the best fish markets in Tulsa, with many considering it as Tulsa’s premiere fish market.

3. Happy Hookers Seafood

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Happy Hookers Seafood is a great seafood marketplace in Tulsa, where you can get amazing exotic and fresh fish products for relatively affordable prices.

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These are the choices you have in Tulsa, if you want to buy fresh fish straight from markets and not the refrigerated ones.

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