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10 Best Fishing Spots in Tulsa, OK [2024]

Tulsa is full of ponds, lakes, reservoirs, parks and swamps. So, when it comes to fishing, you’re options are not limited at all here. The City of Tulsa is famed for its natural amenities, and fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in this region.

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Why wouldn’t it be? When you consider the number of fish-containing water bodies there are in this city. It truly is hard to pick one spot to fish. But don’t worry, if you are confused with abundance of fishing choices in Tulsa, then check out the list I compiled for you.

These are the best fishing spots in Tulsa.

1. Mohawk Park Pond

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Fishing Spots in Tulsa

Mohawk Park Pond is mostly situated in Tulsa, and it is perhaps the best fishing spot you’ll find in Tulsa. This massive pond completely allows fishing, and you can catch some of the most popular big fishes in Tulsa from Mohawk Park Pond.

2. Carol Williams Pond

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Located inside a park in Tulsa, Carol Williams Pond is quite a stunning, and tranquil pond that is perfect for relaxing. However, it also happens to be full of fish, making Carol Williams Pond one of the best fishing spots in Tulsa for local anglers.

3. LaFortune Park Fishing Pond

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LaFortune Park Fishing Pond

LaFortune Park Fishing Pond, as the name suggests, might bring lots of fortune to anglers and fishermen in Tulsa. This fishing pond in Tulsa is full of fish that are ready to be caught, and has beautiful, unique swans that swim across this peaceful pond, which is the size of a small lake.

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4. Peggy’s Pond

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Peggy’s Pond might as well be the smallest pond on this list, and is generally viewed as a garden area by Tulsa’s residents. However, it happens to also be an ideal spot for fishing, containing lots of fish and providing a calm environment.

5. Lynn Lane Reservoir

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Lynn Lane Reservoir is a truly a lovely man-made reservoir, which in reality can be categorized as a pond as well. Not only does it provide water to the city, it is full of some of the biggest fish you’ll find in Tulsa.

6. Swan Lake

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Swan Lake, nestled inside Swan Lake Park, this lake is one of the most stunning lakes in Tulsa. In fact, it probably is the most beautiful lake on this list. Moreover, alongside its beauty, the lake is full of fish that you can catch. You can also take your kids there just to relax and watch majestic swans swim across this lake.

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7. Redford Pond

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Not a well-known as most of the other ponds on this list, but Redford Pond is still one of the best fishing spots in Tulsa. Additionally, this pond is very popular for kids fishing, so if you are thinking of taking your kids somewhere to fish, this is the place.

8. Braden Park

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Another lovely fishing area in Tulsa is the Braden Park. It is stunning parks that has birds, swans and certain other wildlife, along with recreational areas. It also has a pond, which is famous in the region for fishing.

9. Yahola Lake

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Lake Yahola is a reservoir in Tulsa, which was completed in 1924. Located near the famed Mohawk Park in Tulsa, Lake Yahola offers a both boat ramp and fishing dock, making it a great fishing spot. Yahola Lake is spread across many cities in Oklahoma.

10. Mingo Creek Green Hole

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Despite the weird name, don’t get confused, Mingo Creek Green Hole is not some hole in the ground, rather it is a fishing pond in Tulsa. You can catch a wide variety of fish in this pond, and also enjoy a lovely afternoon in the surrounding areas.

As you can see, when it comes to fishing, Tulsa really doesn’t have any shortage of fishing spots. However, choosing one that has the right fish and setting for you can be tricky, so hopefully the information above will allow you to choose the ideal fishing spot.

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