go karts tracks in Tulsa

Best Go Karts Tracks in Tulsa, OK

Racing takes a lot of skill, focus, dedication to just learn, not even to master. You have to commit an incredible amount of focus and time to be a good a enough driver to be able to race safely. For most people, this is not convenient at all, which is why, they just watch sports races from the audience.

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However, with the introduction of go-karting, racing has become a lot easier to learn, a lot less competitive and requires a lot less effort or time. This has made go-karting a highly popular pastime among youths. The best go karts tracks in Tulsa are listed below.

1. JRP Speedway

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Go Karts Tracks in Tulsa

JRP Speedway, by far the most well-known go-karting track in Tulsa is home to one of the best racing tracks in the city. JRP Speedway is home to both I USTA and Tulsa Kart Club, both of which are well-known go-kart rental stores.


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Karters of America Racing Triad, or better known as KART, is another go-karting company with its own racing track in Tulsa. This track is perfect for go-kart racing, alongside other forms of racing as well, and is regarded very highly among Tulsa’s racing fanatics.

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These are the only two go-kart tracks that are currently available to you, the residents of Tulsa. However, more are expected to be built in this city in the near future due to the rapidly increasing popularity of go-karts.

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