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4 Best Halal Restaurants in Norman, OK [2024]

Norman is home to a few halal restaurants, and it certainly doesn’t have many restaurants that specialize in halal food. Most of these halal places sell Mediterranean dishes primarily, which include chicken grill, kebabs, gyro chicken sandwiches, falafel and more!

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If you’re in the food for food items like these or any other that are fully halal-made, then check out this list of the best halal restaurants in Norman.

1. Kebabish bites

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Kebabish bites is a stunning Pakistani restaurant, run by a Pakistani family, which specializes in serving halal foods. It is renowned for its freshly cooked food featuring special South Asian spices and raw natural halal ingredients, making it one of the best halal restaurants in Norman.

2. Sisters Mediterranean Taste

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Sisters Mediterranean Taste is a over-counter halal restaurant in Norman that offers popular Mediterranean food like shawarma & falafel. Its rich heritage of Mediterranean delicacies are fully halal, and perfect as snacks for muslims.

3. Ole Town Gyros & Kabob

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Ole Town Gyros & Kabob is a well-known halal restaurant in Norman which serves appetizers, meals and snacks. The must-try foods in this place are onion rings, baklava, chicken gyro sandwich and falafel.

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4. Bethlehem Mediterranean Grill

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Bethlehem Mediterranean Grill is a proper Mediterranean restaurant in Norman, Oklahoma. The famed Mediterranean Grillismade freshly everyday with top-quality meat, and is cooked to perfection.

These are the few fully-halal restaurant options you have in the City of Norman, which is not too big on South Asian or Middle-Eastern food.

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