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4 Best Haunted Houses in Tulsa, OK [2024]

Haunted houses remain one of the finest ways to spend Halloween and the weekend in general. At haunted residences in Tulsa, ghouls zombies, crazy scientists, and other grotesque figures come to life.

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Outstanding costumes and backdrops in these residences help to vividly depict the characters. These places of interest aren’t for those under 18 or the weak of heart. The best haunted houses in Tulsa are listed below.

1. The Hex House

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Haunted Houses in Tulsa

HexHouse is an intense multi-element, walk-through haunted attraction themed around a dark chapter in Tulsa’s haunted past. You won’t find any Freddy’s, Jason’s, or any other pop-culture monsters in HexHouse. However, what you will find is that you’ve been fully submerged in an altered reality that is much darker and less predictable than anything you’ve seen in the movies.

2. The Nightmare

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The Nightmare is a haunted house so realistically made by a group of filmmakers, scene creators, sound producers, engineers, and makeup professionals that it will frighten you even if you shut your eyes. Before entering the maze filled with monsters, you’ll be welcomed by skulls at the parking lot and welcomed to a circus.

3. Insanity Farms | Haunted Attractions in Tulsa

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Insanity Farms | Haunted Attractions in Tulsa features a winding maze of wooden pallets, stacked high and made to disorientate people. If you’re not careful, you’ll be trapped by one of the resident clowns.

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4. Quest Paranormal Services Inc.

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Quest Paranormal Services Inc. is a brand-new outdoors haunted attraction that combines aspects of a theme park ride where you move from scene to scene with intense scares from more traditional haunted houses. It is by far one of the most terrifying haunted houses in Tulsa.

Whether you find ghost stories fascinating or not, the haunted properties on this list will undoubtedly provide you with hours of entertainment. If you want a thrill, visit any of these haunted houses in Tulsa.

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