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10 Top Home Builders in Tulsa, OK [2024]

The gorgeous residences and tastefully crafted buildings in Tulsa are known for their comfort and luxury. There are many people living in the city, and many various kinds of homes are being used as housing.

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Due to the big population and the high demand for dependable and lovely homes, some of Oklahoma’s best established home builders may be found in Tulsa. The best home builders in Tulsa are listed below.

1. Shaw | Tulsa Home Builder

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home builders in Tulsa

Glenn Shaw formed Shaw Homes in 1985, with the intent to build quality new homes in the Greater Tulsa area. In 2019, 34 years later, Shaw Homes is the largest builder in the Tulsa area. It is responsible for building thousands of homes and are currently building in more than 8 cities, including the Oklahoma City market.

2. Farabough Homes

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Farabough Homes is committed to sustainability. Through the use of earth-friendly building products and techniques, Farabough Homes, utilizes materials that will stand the test of time, enhancing durability and lowering maintenance of your new custom home.

3. Brian D Wiggs

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Brian D Wiggs

Brian D. Wiggs Homes, Inc. was founded by a young man who dreamed of being a Custom Home Builders Tulsa. Today, Brian’s dream is a reality has he is the owner of one of the best home builders in Tulsa.

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4. The Birch Co. | Tulsa Home Builder & Design

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The Birch Co. | Tulsa Home Builder & Design will work with you to fulfill your creative vision and specifications as they build your dream home. One of the design experts will first come to your house to discuss the objectives of your project. They will be able to identify and talk about the requirements and goals of your specific project at that moment.

5. United Built Homes

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When building with United Built Homes, the financing is the most significant distinction. It makes it simple because there is no need for a separate construction loan because your home is immediately financed. You may do it this way far more easily and affordably, frequently with no upfront costs.

6. Biltmore Homes of Tulsa

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With over fifty years of cumulative executive house building experience, Biltmore is a family-owned company that offers new homes with luxury and creativity close to Tulsa. Everything is taken care of, including the safe foundation, kitchen designs, storage options, opulent bathrooms, and living spaces according to your requirements.

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7. Ruhl Construction

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For four years running, Ruhl Construction has received praise for its award-winning home designs from both the Parade of Homes and the Tulsa Home Builders Association. With our white-glove service, Ruhl Construction eliminates all friction from the home building process from beginning to end.

8. Scissor Tail Builders

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Scissortail Builders has specialized in building luxury homes in the Tulsa metro area since 2012. It believes in a personalized approach to home building. With years of expertise and a strong attention to detail and planning, Scissortail brings your vision to reality.

9. KRK Properties, LLC

The company KRK Properties, LLC has emerged as a market leader in the construction of custom homes. This home builder has earned a stellar reputation for its superb craftsmanship, distinctive design and architecture, astonishing durability, and amazing services.

10. Concept Builders Inc.

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Based in Tulsa, Concept Builders delivers quality new homes throughout the Greater Tulsa Area. With a history of putting families first since 1977, Concept Builders works closely with every family during the building process to create their dream home with upfront pricing.

Alongside reliability, your preference matters a lot when it comes to choosing a home builder to build your perfect home. Other factors like craftsmanship and durability should also be in your consideration.

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