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7 Best Hospitals in Norman, OK [2024]

Numerous hospitals and healthcare institutions are located in Norman, Oklahoma, and they offer the local population medical services. The city is full of healthcare facilities, small clinics and emergency response units. However, there are too many major hospitals in Norman that offer the benefits of an all-in-one medical facility.

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Additionally, most of the renowned and accredited doctors work in these hospitals, which only enhances their credibility. So, the best hospitals in Norman are listed below.

1. Norman Regional Hospital

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A general hospital with 324 beds, Norman Regional Hospital serves Norman, Oklahoma, as well as the neighborhoods nearby. With more than 70,000 yearly visitors to its emergency department, Norman Regional Hospital, which was first established in 1946 as Norman Municipal Hospital, has since grown to be one of the busiest hospitals in the state.

2. Norman Regional HealthPlex

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In Norman, Oklahoma, there is a hospital called Norman Regional HealthPlex. It is a component of the not-for-profit Norman Regional Health System, which also runs Norman Regional Hospital. In addition to emergency care, surgical treatments, diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, and rehabilitation services, The HealthPlex is a 136-bed institution that provides a variety of medical services.

3. Griffin Memorial Hospital

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A mental health facility called Griffin Memorial Hospital is situated near Norman, Oklahoma. It is run by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and acts as the main facility in the state for the care of persons with significant mental illnesses.

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4. ER – Norman Regional Hospital

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The ER at Norman Regional Hospital is furnished with cutting-edge medical technology, such as CT scanners and X-ray machines for diagnostic imaging, as well as lab facilities that can produce quick and precise test results. Moreover, the hospital includes a helipad for air ambulance delivery of seriously injured or unwell patients.

5. Norman Regional Nine

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An outpatient medical center called Norman Regional Nine is situated in Norman, Oklahoma. It is a component of the Norman Regional Health System, a nonprofit healthcare organization that runs a number of hospitals and clinics in the Norman vicinity.

Many medical treatments, such as basic care, cardiology, endocrinology, and gastroenterology, are offered by Norman Regional Nine. Also, the center provides diagnostic imaging services like ultrasounds, CT scans, and X-rays.

6. Norman Regional HealthPlex Heart Hospital

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A specialty hospital within the Norman Regional Health System, Norman Regional HealthPlex Heart Hospital is committed to offering complete cardiac care. It is part of the HealthPlex campus in Norman, Oklahoma, which also has an emergency room, surgical services, and other medical specialties.

7. Norman Physician Hospital Org

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A group of medical facilities in Norman, Oklahoma known as the Norman Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) are connected to the Norman Regional Health System. The PHO, a collaboration between the local medical community and the health system, aims to enhance community healthcare coordination and delivery.

Board-certified doctors and other medical professionals who are dedicated to giving patients high-quality, individualized treatment work in these hospitals and healthcare facilities. They are also recognized as fulfilling the highest standards of quality and safety in healthcare by receiving accreditation from The Joint Commission.

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