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Interview with Lauren Von: “Stand Firm on Your Convictions”

Let’s start our “Interview with High Profile Entrepreneur” series with Lauren Von who is the CEO of Quintessa Marketing and an amazing social initiative named Give Fifty.

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Please introduce yourself broadly to our audience.

I am a native Oklahoman, wife, and mom of five kids. In 2016, as a single mother, I utilized my marketing expertise to launch Quintessa Marketing. Our groundbreaking system revolutionized the personal injury legal lead delivery industry.
We’re a match-making service for auto accident victims and personal injury attorneys. Our proprietary technology, intake process, and top-notch digital marketing are just part of what makes us different.

At our company, socially responsible entrepreneurship is a core value. We donate 50% of our annual profits to impactful causes, with a top priority being ReMerge of Oklahoma County. This organization focuses on rehabilitating high-risk mothers who have committed non-violent felony offenses. We just launched the Give Fifty Pledge, urging businesses to contribute 50% of profits for just one month and fostering philanthropreneurship.

As someone who built a successful company without a college degree, I believe in meritocracy. We believe in a performance-based approach where skills are prioritized over credentials. This isn’t just a business strategy; it’s a movement to transform corporate values fundamentally.

Based on your valuable experience, what are the critical elements of running a successful business?

Here are my five tips for running a successful business:

  1. Find Your People: To have a successful business, you must find a support system and delegate responsibilities. I tried to do everything and “dropped a lot of plates.”
  2. Giving with an open heart pays off: In March 2020, I attended a sermon at Life.Church by Pastor Robert Morris. His message on generosity inspired me to donate 50% of my annual profits to charity. Even though the world was in a global pandemic, I remained determined and sorted out my finances accordingly. This decision turned out to be a turning point for my business, as I ended up signing my biggest client. Since then, Quintessa Marketing has been on an upward trajectory and has become a multimillion-dollar company. 
  3. Choose your emotional nourishment wisely. If you feed on despair, you’ll exude desperation. If you’re envious, you’ll become the green-eyed monster. Opt for charity as your fuel and watch boundless goodness overflow.
  4. Let your circumstances refine, not define you: Despite facing the challenges of being a single mom and dealing with a lawsuit at the inception of my business, my incredible parents helped me transform adversity into strength, building a business that defies being defined by my past traumas.
  5. Define your Why and Evolve: I wanted to provide for my daughter or get a luxury vehicle when I started my company. But as my business grew, I realized I could achieve more. I wanted to fix a broken industry by donating half of our profits and making a positive impact. Develop your “why” as you do, and it can lead you to do great things.

How to overcome failure based on your experience?

Stick to your beliefs and stand firm on your convictions. I learned to embrace my beliefs and hold fast to what I know is right. Even when faced with doubt and criticism from others, I remain committed to my calling and “keep on trucking.”

When I first started my business, my ex-boss gave me a Lucite nameplate as a gift. However, he also included a note that said, “You won’t last a year!”. Although it was intended to discourage me, I chose to take it positively and used it as motivation to believe in myself. I could have easily been discouraged and I keep the nameplate nearby as a reminder of my journey.

What’s your vision for your company in the future?

I am a driven woman who aspires to become the CEO of a billion-dollar company and aims to have multiple companies under the umbrella of Quintessa Marketing.

What would be your suggestion for the people aspiring to become like you?

Exploring your interests and hobbies is essential to discover what ignites your passion. Once you’ve found your true calling, hold onto your beliefs and values that guide you toward your objectives. These beliefs will help you stay focused on your goals and true to yourself, even when faced with challenges. Remember to always believe in yourself and your abilities, and never give up on your dreams.

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