Russ Florence

Interview with Russ Florence: “Don’t View Failure as a Drawback”

This part of “Interview with High Profile Entrepreneur” is about a very special and experienced person named Russ Florence who has been working with Schnake Turnbo Frank for over 2 decades and now leads the company as the CEO.

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Please introduce yourself broadly to our audience?

My name is Russ Florence and I’m a partner and CEO at Schnake Turnbo Frank, a public relations and leadership consulting firm that’s been around for more than five decades.

Based on your valuable experience, what are the key elements of running a successful business?

First, surround yourself with good, smart, ethical people. If you’re relying solely on your own expertise, you’re missing out. Also, stay curious and open-minded. Don’t assume your business will continue to succeed based on past success. Ask a lot of questions – poke around, explore, experiment, try to find a better way. You should always be tinkering with something.

How to overcome failure based on your experience?

Don’t view failure as a drawback. It’s one of the most potent ways to learn. View failure as a way to achieve better understanding. Grow from it, then move on. Resilience is an important part of success, and you’ll need plenty of it.  

What’s your vision for your company in the future?

We largely stay focused on the “here and now.” We’re always open to new markets, new services, and expansions. But we’ve learned that the best way to ensure a strong future is to keep our eye on the ball.

What would be your suggestion for the people who are aspiring to become like you in the future?

I wouldn’t necessarily encourage anyone to try to become like me, or anyone else. I think it’s more important to stay true to yourself. Develop a strong self-awareness about what motivates you, makes you happy, and what your strengths are. With that, present your best, most authentic version of yourself to the world.

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