Ryan Bellgardt

Interview with Ryan Bellgardt: “Simply not be Afraid to Fail”

This part of “Interview with High Profile Entrepreneur” is about an amazing person who is directly connected to some of the popular movies like Ghoster (2022), The Jurassic Games (2018) and The Adventures of Jurassic Pet (2019). Let’s get deeper into the interview with Ryan Bellgardt who is the Production Manager at Boiling Point Media.

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Please introduce yourself broadly to our audience?

Hi, my name is Ryan Bellgardt and I’m a partner at Boiling Point Media in OKC. We’re a full service marketing and advertising agency and film production company. About 10 years ago, I wrote and directed a B movie called “Army of Frankensteins”. Made on a shoestring budget, that project set up Boiling Point to now be able to work on multiple feature film projects a year. 

Based on your valuable experience, what are the key elements of running a successful business?

One lesson I learned early on was that I can’t do everything by myself. I like surrounding myself with talented people and then letting them do what they do. Also, you gotta jump in and get dirty. I literally did this on a recent movie project where we had a scene that required an actress to jump into a pile of fake dinosaur poo. We needed to rehearse it for the camera and I jumped in that pile at least ten times. Everytime I did I could feel and hear the team cheering me on. It’s a very literal example of the kind of mentality that I believe it takes to be a successful leader.

How to overcome failure based on your experience?

Simply not be afraid to fail. It happens from time to time and when it does, you just have to learn from it. I did a lot of projects before “Army of Frankensteins” that didn’t go anywhere but that doesn’t mean they weren’t invaluable in preparing me for the time when things started to happen. A writer approached me once and asked me how I had completed a 90 page screenplay. He said that everytime he tried to write one he crumpled it up on page 20 and tossed it because it was so bad. I told him mine was bad too on page 20 but I just kept writing. For me, I had to be bad first before I could consider being good.

What’s your future vision for Boiling Point Media company?

Growing our national and international footprint and continuing to provide jobs for creatives and artists that bring them to Oklahoma and keep them here. 

What would be your suggestion for the people who are aspiring to become like you in the future?

Be tireless in your pursuit of what you love to do.  

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