part time jobs in Oklahoma City

13 Best Part Time Jobs in Oklahoma City, OK [Update 2024]

Finding a part-time job that suits your schedule and meets your financial needs can be a rewarding way to earn income while balancing other commitments. If you’re in Oklahoma City and looking for part-time opportunities, there are several options available across various industries.

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In this article, Let us explore the best part time jobs in Oklahoma City that offer flexibility and potential for growth.

1. Retail Sales Associate

part time jobs in Oklahoma City

Working as a retail sales associate allows you to interact with customers, assist with their needs, and contribute to the success of a retail establishment. Many stores in Oklahoma City hire part-time sales associates, offering flexible shifts and opportunities for advancement.

2. Food Server

Restaurants and cafes often require part-time servers to provide excellent customer service, take orders, and deliver food and beverages. This job can be a great fit if you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and have strong communication skills.

3. Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

With the rise of online shopping and food delivery services, there’s an increasing demand for part-time delivery drivers. Companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Instacart provide flexible schedules, allowing you to choose when and how often you want to work.

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4. Administrative Assistant

If you have strong organizational and administrative skills, working as a part-time administrative assistant can be a valuable opportunity. Many businesses and organizations in Oklahoma City hire part-time assistants to support their day-to-day operations.

5. Customer Service Representative

Customer service roles are commonly available on a part-time basis, providing opportunities to assist customers, resolve issues, and ensure their satisfaction. Companies in various industries, such as retail, healthcare, and telecommunications, often hire part-time customer service representatives.

6. Tutor

If you have expertise in a particular subject, consider working as a part-time tutor. Tutoring can be done in-person or online, and there’s a constant demand for individuals who can help students excel in subjects like math, English, science, and foreign languages.

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7. Freelancer

Utilize your skills and talents by working as a freelancer. Whether you’re a graphic designer, writer, photographer, or web developer, freelancing allows you to take on projects on a part-time basis and work remotely.

8. Fitness Instructor

If you’re passionate about fitness and enjoy leading group classes, becoming a part-time fitness instructor can be fulfilling. Many gyms and fitness studios in Oklahoma City hire part-time instructors for activities like yoga, Zumba, spinning, and more.

9. Event Staff

Oklahoma City hosts a variety of events throughout the year, creating opportunities for part-time event staff. You can work as an event coordinator, ticket seller, usher, or in various other roles to contribute to the success of concerts, sports games, conferences, and more.

10. Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

If you love animals, consider working as a part-time pet sitter or dog walker. Many pet owners in Oklahoma City require assistance with caring for their furry friends while they’re at work or traveling.

11. Library Assistant

Public libraries often hire part-time library assistants to help with tasks like shelving books, assisting patrons, and organizing events. This role is ideal for those who enjoy working in a quiet and educational environment.

12. Tour Guide

Oklahoma City is rich in history and attractions, making it a prime location for part-time tour guides. You can showcase the city’s landmarks, museums, and cultural sites while providing visitors with an engaging and informative experience.

13. Sales Representative

Part-time sales representatives promote products or services and generate sales leads. This role can be found in various industries, including telecommunications, insurance, and most other sectors.

These are the options you have in Oklahoma City, if you are a student looking for a part time job. Most of these jobs are relatively high paying compared to other alternative part time jobs, but of course require specific set of skills, which you’ll need to develop.

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