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4 Recycling Centers in Norman, OK [2024]

Norman is home to over 128,000 people and is a suburban affluent city. Which means, this city produces a lot of waste and also throws away many items that can still be of use. Fortunately for this city, it has a few recycling centers that take waste materials off the hands of residents and try to turn them into assets for the city.

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So, check out my list of the best recycling centers in Norman.

1. Recycling Center

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There are a few self-service government authorized recycling centers in Norman and Recycling Center is one of them. This center has done a great job over the years at storing and using waste or unused materials really well.

2. Norman Recycling Center

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Another one of those three recycling centers in Norman is Norman Recycling Center. It is the most used recycling center in Norman by its residents and accepts a wide range of waste or recyclable items from businesses or individuals.

3. The University of Oklahoma Recycling Facility

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The University of Oklahoma has its own recycling center in Norman and it is called The University of Oklahoma Recycling Facility. Thousands of students enrolled in the university, staff members, and campus waste is recycled here.

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4. Derichebourg Recycling USA

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Derichebourg Recycling USA is not a well-known as the other recycling centers in Norman already mentioned, but this a great place for residents living on Sooner Road and surrounding areas to recycle their waste products and help their own community.

Despite being the third-largest city in the Oklahoma, Norman is home to only four recycling centers, displaying that the city really needs more.

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