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4 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Edmond, OK [Update 2024]

Edmond, Oklahoma offers a vibrant dining scene, and what better way to enjoy a meal than with breathtaking views from a rooftop? If you’re looking for a memorable dining experience with stunning vistas, Edmond has some fantastic rooftop restaurants to offer.

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In this article, let’s explore the four best rooftop restaurants in Edmond that combine delicious cuisine with an elevated atmosphere.

1. The Garage Burgers & Beer

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Located at 601 S. Bryant Avenue, The Garage Burgers & Beer is a popular spot for both locals and visitors. While known for their delicious burgers and extensive beer selection, they also have a fantastic rooftop patio where you can enjoy your meal. With a casual and laid-back atmosphere, The Garage offers a unique dining experience with rooftop views of Edmond.

2. 3Sixty Restaurant & Bar

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Situated at 3000 Market Street, 3Sixty Restaurant & Bar is a sophisticated rooftop dining destination in Edmond. Offering a diverse menu with a fusion of American and international flavors, this restaurant provides an upscale dining experience. Their rooftop patio offers a stylish setting to savor your meal while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding area.

3. Evoke

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Evoke, located at 103 S. Broadway, is a chic rooftop lounge and restaurant that offers a modern and upscale ambiance. Known for their creative cocktails and contemporary American cuisine, Evoke provides a refined rooftop dining experience. The rooftop terrace offers a stylish setting with comfortable seating and panoramic views, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner or special celebration.

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4. The Patriarch Craft Beer House & Lawn

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While not exclusively a rooftop restaurant, The Patriarch Craft Beer House & Lawn features a rooftop deck that offers a laid-back and inviting atmosphere. Located at 9 E. Edwards Street, this beer garden and eatery offers an extensive selection of craft beers and a menu featuring delectable pub fare. The rooftop deck provides a relaxing setting where you can enjoy your favorite drink and soak in the Edmond skyline.

Whether you’re looking for a casual burger joint with rooftop seating or an upscale restaurant with panoramic views, Edmond has a variety of rooftop dining options to suit every taste. These four best rooftop restaurants offer not only delicious food but also an elevated experience where you can enjoy good company, great views, and the vibrant atmosphere of Edmond.

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