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5 Best Waterfalls in Norman, OK [2024]

With Oklahoma’s stunning natural surroundings, it is not surprising that the state is home to some very breathtaking waterfalls. It is simple to include waterfall excursions into your trip to Oklahoma if you want to see a spectacular waterfall.

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However, if you’re specifically visiting the City of Norman, then your options are much much limited. That is why, I have complied a list of the best waterfalls in Norman.

1. Turner Falls

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Both residents and tourists like visiting this waterfall as a getaway location. Before it crashes into the pool below, you may enjoy the intricate waterfall that is descending the rock face. Feel the splash as the flowing water from the rock above adds to it while you swim in the cold pool of water below the falls. Make the waterfall only one aspect of your visit to the park by staying a full day or several.

2. Little Niagara Falls

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One of the most visited locations in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur is the Little Niagara Falls. It just takes 90 minutes to drive there from Oklahoma City, making it a wonderful day vacation. The Little Niagara is not a particularly towering waterfall, but it is wide, hence the name. The waterfall is 10-feet high, but there are wide pools at the base with clear water that make great swimming spots.

3. Natural Falls

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Natural Falls in West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma, is another waterfall whose name accurately captures what you may expect to see. One of the biggest attractions of Natural Falls State Park and one of the most well-known waterfalls in the state is the towering, 77-foot-tall cascade. It is renowned for its immaculate beauty and water that is crystal clean.

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4. Post Oak Waterfall

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At the Wichita National Wildlife Refuge close to Indiahoma, the Post Oak waterfall is a serene waterfall. Even though the waterfall is one of the smaller ones on the list, it is nevertheless beautiful, especially against the breathtaking national backdrop of the nearby protected region.

The spring and right after a rainstorm are the finest times to view it. The 1.5-mile roundtrip Post Oak Falls Trail in the park leads to the waterfall.

5. Price Falls

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Less than six miles south of Davis, in Murray County, Oklahoma, the Price Falls waterfall is a stunning cascade amid the woods. An inviting swimming pool is splashed into by the rush of cascading water, especially during the summer.

The region surrounding the falls is picturesque and wooded, making it a fantastic location for photography. Fly fishing is very common in the area because of the pristine natural water that flows from the mountains.

Norman is not exactly a coastal or a rocky, forested city, it’s more of an affluent, tranquil suburban area. These are the best options you’ll have when it comes to enjoying hikes around waterfalls in and around Norman.

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