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10 Bridal Shops in Tulsa, OK [2024]

The ideal bridal items for a person will always depend on their preferences, perceptions, and likes. Remember that the nicest bridal dresses and gowns are often tucked away in the bridal shop of your favorite gallery or the halls of local craft fairs and Christmas markets. Start here in the interim; the majority of the stores also offer home delivery services, making it generally possible for you to obtain these fantastic products wherever you reside.

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So, check out this list of the best bridal shops in Tulsa.

1. Bridal Elegance Tulsa

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Bridal Shops in Tulsa

Bridal Elegance Tulsa is an established salon featuring dresses for brides & bridesmaids, formal gowns & accessories. At Bridal Elegance, you’ll get a large portfolio of designers and even have exclusivity with some of them. Additionally, it carries a selection of couture gowns from some of its designers.

2. Bryde of Tulsa Bridal Shop

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Bryde of Tulsa Bridal Shop is an exclusive bridal experience catered just for you. Here you’ll find a much more curated array of selections that are more modern and in trend. Additionally, it has its own services for choosing your entourage for the Bryde experience.

3. Alyssa’s Bridal & Tuxedo

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Alyssa's Bridal & Tuxedo

Alyssa’s Bridal & Tuxedo is a special-occasion boutique with bridal, prom & quinceañera dresses along with tuxedos & accessories. Alyssa’s Bridal has built a stellar name through years of tradition and committed family ownership. It offers a remarkable assortment of gowns and services from rigorously educated bridal advisers to the most experienced group of genuine seamstresses in the industry.

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4. Something Bridal, formerly Something Borrowed

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Something Bridal, formerly Something Borrowed is a consignment shop offering wedding gowns, plus dresses for other members of the wedding party. It might not be one of the most glamorous ones, but it’s is still one of the best bridal shops in Tulsa.

5. Bella Rose Bridal

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Bella Rose wants every bride’s shopping experience to be exciting and memorable. It values the reputation Bella Rose established, and it believes integrity and trust go hand in hand. While knowledge and honesty are fundamental, Bella Rose Bridal hopes what you notice most is its exceptional service and guidance.

6. David’s Bridal Tulsa OK

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David’s Bridal Tulsa OK is a retail chain specializing in bridal gowns, prom dresses & formal wear, plus related accessories. Despite not being a specialized bridal shop, in terms of quality, it is still one of the best bridal shops in Tulsa.

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7. Bridal Rentals & More

Bridal Rentals & More is a snug, mall-based boutique offering rental gowns & dresses for weddings, proms & pageants. Alongside the availability of items, the store also offers unmatched quality, making it one of the city best bridal shops.

8. La Mariée Boutique | By Appointment Only

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For the traditional, romantic bride, La Mariée Boutique offers full-service luxury bridal wear. In its boutique, it offers brides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find their dream dress while feeling at ease and radiant.


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THE DRESS STARR FORMALS is a formalwear shop selling dresses, gowns & jewelry for weddings, proms & other occasions. It is one of the standout shops in Tulsa for Formal dress-up, but has one of the best collections of bridal items in the city as well.

10. Valentine Bridal

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Valentine Bridal is a premiere bridal shop in Tulsa, which is full of high-quality, durable bridal gowns, dresses and make-up items.

These are the best best of the best in Tulsa, when it comes to high-quality, reliable bridal services. Pick any one of these shops to get the necessary items for your big day.

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