Cemeteries in Norman

6 Major Cemeteries in Norman, OK [2024]

Norman, just like most other major cities, is home to some historical cemeteries. Although Norman isn’t full of cemeteries, it is still home to around a handful cemeteries, which are rich in history and are the final resting place of some of Norman’s most iconic figures.

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Additionally, these cemeteries have many stories of war, paranormal activities and historic events. They are also some of Norman’s oldest, and ever lasting landmarks as well.

So, these are the major cemeteries in Norman.

1. IOOF Cemetery

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The Norman I.O.O.F. Cemetery is situated near the junction of 1913 North Porter Street and West Rock Creek Road in Norman.

There are numerous internal roadways that divide this very big cemetery into different areas. To view the section numbers, kindly direct to the cemetery’s layout. There are numerous further graves without markings or stones. The administration at the cemetery’s southern end should be able to help you.

2. Rock Creek Road Cemetery

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Lush landscape, breathtaking sculptures and notable history combine to make Rock Creek Cemetery the most beautiful and evocative public cemetery in Norman, Oklahoma. The 86-acre natural sloping topography of the burial site in the churchyard serves as both a cemetery and a public park. Rock Creek Cemetery is a destination for pilgrims of all faiths because of its notable residents, breathtaking diversity of sculptures, and monuments.

3. Lilac Hill Memorial Gardens

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Funeral and burial services are provided at the Lilac Hill Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Norman, Oklahoma. The cemetery offers details on their funeral and burial customs, as well as burial records, plot records, and other materials from the Oklahoma Cemetery.

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4. Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery

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Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery is a not-for-profit cemetery that has been serving families of Oklahoma for decades. Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery is able to assist families who have an immediate need as well as helping others who are planning for their future wishes.

5. Pet Memorial Gardens

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It’s common to be overpowered by emotion when a beloved pet dies. You could be left wondering how to remember your devoted pet and treasure the memories left behind as you adjust to this unexpected shift in your life. Precious Pets Cemetery is aware of how difficult it is to bid a true friend farewell.

Pet Memorial Gardens is also aware of how crucial it is to honor your pet’s life in a way that is special to you and your loved ones. Whether the loss of your pet was anticipated or not, it will help you make the memorial preparations that best meet your requirements.

6. Blackburn Cemetery

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Your burial needs can be handled by Blackburn Cemetery, a nearby cemetery in Norman, Oklahoma. Both mausoleums for above-ground interment and burial sites for in-ground interment are available at this cemetery.

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IOOF Cemetery and Sunset Memorial Park are the two most well-known cemeteries in Norman. However, Rock Creek Road Cemetery and Pets Memorial Gardens offer top-notch facilities as well.

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