Coffee Shops in Norman

12 Best Coffee Shops in Norman, OK [2024]

Norman is undoubtedly a cultural hub with around 30,000 students both local and international. Both early coffee shots and late-night energy runs are common, if not mandatory for some.

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Norman is enthusiastic about his brewing industry. Local coffee is typically difficult to sell in college communities, especially with several Starbucks on campus. But, Norman’s eccentric, trendy, and scenic coffee shops are skilled at serving hot beverages.

Here is a list of the best coffee shops in Norman.

1. Second Wind Coffeehouse

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As one of Norman’s most distinctive coffee shops, Second Wind comes out on top. The food at Second Wind, a non-profit volunteer-run ministry on Campus Corner, is available for a donation. There is no set cost for the coffee here. How much you pay is up to you.

2. Crimson & Whipped Cream

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A chic pastry shop and coffee bar are hidden in Campus Corner. Have yourself a treat of Crimson & Whipped Cream if you’re traveling to Oklahoma City. Get a pastry and some coffee from the facility. Get your legs moving. Drink as much as you want.

3. The Gray Owl

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The drinks and snacks at The Gray Owlmake for a perfect match for handling coffee company. Alongside the snacks and coffee, this place is particularly popular for its ambience as well. This light-filled, open-timbered cafe offering light snacks and a mellow, hip feel is adorned with art and bikes.

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4. Apple Tree Chocolate

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This business is cheesy yet adorable thanks to a white Christmas tree, glittering garlands, festive sayings, and a life-size Will Ferrel (dressed as Buddy). The homemade, flavorful, delicately sweet, and artistically decorated chocolates here will make you drool.

5. Stella Nova

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Stella Nova, an Oklahoma franchise, blends upbeat service into a potent, hand-crafted hot beverage. However, the personnel is still friendly in some strange way. There isn’t even the slightest whiff of annoyance or displeasure. The apple cider has an overtly fall-inspired flavor combination of sweetness and strength. The artisan beverages at Stella Nova don’t emphasize subtlety.

6. Michelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar

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The visual statements of Michelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar are outstanding. This coffee shop epitomizes the hipster aesthetic with its deep wooden desks, mellow yellow lighting, and laid-back music. Michelangelo’s, a delightfully compact venue, features a variety of cozy performances, slam poetry readings, and late-night live music.

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7. syrup.

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Syrup (stylized as syrup.) is a charming breakfast boutique in downtown Norman that is a local favorite. We enter a busy room at 10AM. You’ll be directed to a seat beside the door amid a jumble of fuzzy lines and vaporous conversation. Syrup is what Norman is buzzing about on a weekend morning.

8. Cool Beans Coffee

Cool Beans is a walk-up coffee shop in Norman that serves high-quality coffee in a charming setting. This coffee shop, housed in a tiny concrete structure, offers Starbucks-style beverages for less money. Cool Beans is one of the best coffee shops in Norman in terms of quality and service.

9. Yellow Dog

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The award-winning, ethically sourced, and locally roasted specialty coffee beans from Yellow Dog Coffee Company are used to create incredible brews while also donating a portion of sales to a nearby animal shelter. No wonder it is one of the most popular coffee stores in Norman.

10. The Bookmark Cafe

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Popular Starbucks beverages, as well as a variety of sandwiches, pastries, and salads, are available at this campus cafe, which is nestled away in the Bizzell Memorial Library’s basement. A small seating space with counters, tables, and booths is also present. The Bookmark is usually packed with caffeine-hungry students in the afternoons, so grab a seat while you can! The Bookmark is calm in the morning.

11. Starbucks on Campus Corner

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In comparison to its Union cousin, this Boyd corner shop has a little more room for the legs and both inside and outdoor seats. Studying here puts you in the middle of Campus Corner’s activity, so don’t be shocked if you run into familiar faces.

12. All About Cha

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This place made the list despite being more of a tea business than a coffee shop technically speaking due to its welcoming study space and delicious drinks. The Chinese word for tea is “cha,” and All About Cha truly lives up to its moniker by offering a wide variety of teas. There’s no need to worry if you’re not a fan of tea; the store also sells several coffee beverages.

Hopefully the list above has helped you discover some coffee shops in Norman that you didn’t know about or want to visit now. This modest city in Oklahoma is one of the most educated and affluent cities in the state and sure seems to love its coffee.

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