Cool Places to Eat in Norman

8 Cool Places to Eat in Norman, OK [2024]

Whether you live in Norman or traveling here for the first time, one thing is true here for everyone that stays here, and that is you have to eat. That is because the City of Norman is home some of the best food you’ll find in the state of Oklahoma.

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Now, after hearing that you must be asking what are the best restaurants in Norman, which one of them have the best food or the coolest ambience, right? Well, great food and fantastic ambience always go hand-in-hand, so, here are some cool places to eat in Norman.

1. The Moon Sushi & Asian Bistro

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The Moon Sushi & Asian Bistro is a Cool Places to Eat in Norman

The Moon Sushi & Asian Bistro is Norman’s finest selection of sushi and bistro restaurant, featuring house sauces, an eclectic atmosphere, unique dishes and much more! Most of Norman’s residents already regard it has the best sushi place in the city, in addition to it already being one of the coolest places to eat in Norman.

2. Charleston’s Restaurant

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You’ll adore Charleston’s Restaurant’s menu and ambiance. They make classic American dishes from scratch every day, using the best ingredients to give our customers the best value. You’ll adore watching a game while savoring the delectable meals in this cozy and welcoming setting.

3. Hideaway Pizza

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Pizza from Hideaway is known for its customizable pies. To create the pizza of your dreams, you can select from 3 crust sizes, 3 crust variations, 5 sauces, and more than 40 toppings. Together with your favorite appetizers (fried cheese, garlic cheesy toast, roasted ravioli, and much more), the basic menu also offers salads, baked pastas, burgers, and even desserts.

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4. Chips ‘N Ale

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You can locate Chips ‘N Ale, a traditional English pub-style restaurant where your meal will be perfectly battered, within the Riverwind Casino. The Chicken Pot Pie and the Codfather are two favorites. Its menu offers mouth-watering English-inspired fare, hand-crafted burgers, and an impressive alcohol selection.

5. Ray’s Smokehouse BBQ

Ray’s Smokehouse Barbecue is a restaurant that is crowded during lunchtime. That ought to tell you all you need to know, right? Both locals and visitors are lured to the BBQ restaurant. You should definitely check out Ray’s and be sure to savor some of their sides in a very competitive market where people are fairly choosy about their brand of barbecue.

6. Tarahumara’s Mexican Cafe

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If you’re looking for ridiculously fast service and incredibly delicious Mexican dishes, then you’ll definitely want to check out Tarahumara’s Mexican Cafe – one of the best restaurants in Norman. Even during peak meal times, service is fast and friendly.

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7. Juan Del Fuego

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Specializing in breakfast and lunch, Juan Del Fuego Mexican Diner has delicious Mexican favorites. Huevos Rancheros or Eggs and Tamales, coming right up! And if the difficulty getting seating on a Saturday is any indication, this is definitely one of the best restaurants in Norman.

8. Pryor’s Pizza Kitchen

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The Montford Inn’s visitors as well as locals in Norman have been raving about Pryor’s Pizza Kitchen, a newcomer to the Norman culinary scene. They provide sandwiches, salads, and appetizers in addition to coal-fired pizzas, making them the only restaurant in the OKC region to do so.

As you can see, Norman is packed with a diverse array of restaurants that are distinctive from each other in their own ways. Some are renowned for their unique food concepts, while others are famed for their ambience and features.

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