Escape Rooms in Norman

3 Best Escape Rooms in Norman, OK [2024]

Norman is a peaceful and affluent city with the third-largest population in Oklahoma. Although there might a shortage of thrilling activities and recreational centers here, there certainly isn’t any shortage of demand for such places.

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Which might be why, escape rooms are starting to emerge in neighborhoods in Norman, to offer the residents of this calm city some much needed trill. If you’re living in Norman, OK and looking for a great escape room to visit, then check out this list of the best escape rooms in Norman.

1. Escape This Norman

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You come across a secret entryway at the back of the late, legendary escape artist Harry Houdini’s residence in Harlem, which was just put up for sale. When you enter, the door locks from the back, trapping you inside his personal space. Can you escape Houdini’s tricks or will you be stuck inside the Escape Artist’s house forever? This is the sort of experience awaiting you in Escape This Norman.

2. Cracked Norman

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Cracked Norman aims to provide a fun and interactive experience for players across age groups by offering diverse escape room themes with varying challenge levels. The escape rooms challenge participants to find clues and solve puzzles to escape within a time limit.

3. Baker Street Escapes

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A Mysterious death in Devon draws the attention of Sherlock Holmes. Baskerville was found dead outside his home, the prints of a ferocious Hound circling the body. Can you discover the culprit? Enjoy these kind of games and more in Baker Street Escapes. Additionally, Baker Street Escapes offers four 60 minute escape room games designed for up to 10 players.

These are the best parks in Norman.

Although there isn’t too much to choose from, the ones that are viable options offer all the mysteries and thrill of great escape rooms. So, you really can’t go wrong choosing any one of the above escape rooms.

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