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11 Best Parks in Norman, OK [2024]

Norman, the third-largest and one of the most prosperous cities in the state of Oklahoma, is home to many wonderful state parks and city parks. Whether you are looking for a park to take your dog out for a walk, or take your kids to spend a nice day under the Sun, Norman has you covered. There is really no shortage of amazing parks in Norman, so I have compiled a list for you.

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Check out this list of the best parks in Norman.

1. Westwood Park

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Westwood Park amenities include picnic tables, Playground Equipment, tennis (Fee), Lighted, Tennis (Fee), 18-Hole Golf Course, Restrooms. Moreover, this amusement park consists of an aquatic center as well, called the Westwood Family Aquatic Center. Westwood Park is a part of the Norman Parks and Recreation Department.

2. Colonial Estates Park

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Colonial Estates Park is a simple green space offering walking/running paths, a playground, disc golf & picnic areas. Located on E. Lindsey Street in Norman, Colonial Estates is highly renowned for its splash pad. You can also enjoy a disc golf or jogging course alongside the splash pad.

3. Andrews Park

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Andrews Park is a classic neighborhood amusement park with a playground, splash pad, paved paths & an amphitheater. The splash pad is the main attraction here, but other amenities include a basketball court, skating area, backstops, picnic areas and restrooms. It’s one of the biggest parks in Norman.

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4. Reaves Park

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Reaves Park, a large themed park in Norman, consists of picnic areas and tables, sports zones, fields, courts, and an amusement park themed play area for kids. If you are looking to have a chilled time with your kids, then this is the ideal destination.

5. Sequoyah Trail Park

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It’s a really great place to walk your pets or enjoy a nice bike ride along the road. The trail itself is quite a popular destination in the City of Norman and widely-used for biking. It is also a nice shady park that is perfect for you, if you wanted to let the kids play while you sat and relaxed.

6. Lions Park

Lions Park is a beautifully organized park nestled in a Suburban area of Norman, which accurately represents Norman’s affluent nature. Pets are allowed in this park, in fact, it is actually one of the best parks in the city for dogs.

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7. Lake Thunderbird State Park

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In Cleveland County, Oklahoma, there is a 1,874 acre state park called Lake Thunderbird State Park. On State Highway 9, it is located 12 miles east of Norman, Oklahoma. According to National Public Radio, this park saw more than 637,000 visits in 2011. Activity fees brought in $461,506 and the operation cost was $1.2 million.

8. Woodcreek Park

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Woodcreek Park is a local recreation center including a basketball court, fitness equipment, and picnic and play areas. Established in 1994, this neighborhood park also provides residents with a play structure, picnic table, and open field area for youth sports clubs, alongside the Woodcreek Park trails.

9. Norman Splash Pad

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Norman Splash Pad is the most well-known splashpad in the city of Norman and is one the city’s best amusement parks. This splashpad goes hand in hand with Norman’s sunny climate and offers many stunning attractions that include picnic areas, playground equipment, backstops, a basketball court, amphitheater and restrooms.

10. Chisholm’s Cattle Trail Park

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The west side of this park is just a meadow between a stream on the south and houses on the north, making it an ideal location to let your dogs run about. The east side of Chisholm’s Cattle Trail Park features a playground for kids.

11. Legacy Park

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Situated inside University Town Center, Legacy Park is one of the most stunning parks you’ll come across in Norman. There is a picnic spot set around a water feature with multiple fountains, and a modern amphitheater in this park.

As you can see, Norman is full of recreational areas and parks, which highlight the affluence of this city in a really accurate way. Make sure you visit these amazing parks to have a great time.

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