Fishing Spots in Norman

12 Best Fishing Spots in Norman, OK [2024]

Norman is a very natural city that has a lot to offer to its residents in terms of natural amenities and outdoor activities. Fishing is a popular outdoor activity in Norman. The city has many parks, lakes, ponds, and water bodies where you can find a variety of fish.

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Popular fishes that can be caught in the water bodies of Norman include smallmouth bass, paddlefish and dotted bass. So, if you’re in the mood to catch some fish in Norman, then check out the best fishing spots in Norman.

1. Lake Thunderbird State Park

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Lake Thunderbird State Park is one of the Best Fishing Spots in Norman

In Cleveland County, Oklahoma, there is a 1,874 acre state park called Lake Thunderbird State Park. On State Highway 9, it is located 12 miles east of Norman, Oklahoma. According to National Public Radio, this park saw more than 637,000 visits in 2011. Activity fees brought in $461,506 and the operation cost was $1.2 million. One of the most popular activities in Lake Thunderbird is fishing.

2. Northeast Lions Park

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Northeast Lions Park’s lake is in good shape, with lots of little fish to catch. Moreover, there is also a Disc Golf course around the fishing, making a perfect area to fish and enjoy with your family. This park is big in size, has a lake as part of it’s beauty and consists of covered and shaded areas for relaxing.

3. Royal Oaks Park

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Royal Oaks Park consists of one of the best lakes in Norman in terms of fishing and has more to offer. The park has beautiful walking trail that goes around the lake and into the woods, creating a secluded fishing environment for visitors.

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4. St. James Park Lake

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St. James Park Lake is quiet and tucked away minutes from Oklahoma University & shopping, dining, and commercial sectors are nearby. Being one of the most modern fishing spots in Norman, this lake park attracts people from affluent neighborhoods that have a passion for fishing.

5. Thunderbird State Park South Dam

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Thunderbird State Park South Dam is located in a beautiful area featuring lots of wildlife and trails tracks all over beach area. However, what this dam is really renowned for in Norman is its fishing facilities. Thunderbird State Park South Dam is one of the best fishing spots in Norman, and a must-visit destination for anglers.

6. Cypress Lake

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Cypress Lake is a tranquil lakefront apartment community. Enjoy exquisite details like nine-foot ceilings, accent cabinets with beveled glass, built-in bookcases, and crown molding, as well as functional elements like spacious closets, optional wood burning fireplaces, and full-size washer/dryer hookups, alongside fishing in this lake.

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7. Sutton Wilderness Trail Park

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Sutton Wilderness Trail Park is a picturesque natural area featuring a lake, unpaved woodland hiking trails & a wooden gazebo. The lake is the biggest attraction in this park, however, it is also home to some of the most wonderful trails in Norman, Oklahoma as well.

8. Wolfpack Island

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Although it sounds like an island from a SCI-FI movie, Wolfpack Island is actually one of the best fishing spots in Norman. Along with fishing, this area is also popular for taking your dog for a stroll or water activities like boating, swimming and kayaking.

9. Kevin Gottshall Memorial Park

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It’s a great place to walk or even just sit and enjoy the silence on a bench next to the lake. But, what it’s really popular for is its fishing amenities. The park is situated along a lake that is highly popular for fishing among locals and allow catch and release fishing to give visitors something fun and relaxing to do.

10. Woodcreek Park

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The neighborhood’s recreation center, Woodcreek Park, has a basketball court, exercise equipment, picnic spots, play areas and a fishing spot. In addition to the Woodcreek Park paths, this neighborhood park, which opened in 1994, offers locals a play structure, a picnic table, and an open field area for youth sports organizations.

11. Discovery Cove Nature Center

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Discovery Cove Nature Center is located in the Clear Bay area. Negative Coggins papers are required, and no on-site stables are available here. An array of hiking, mountain biking, fishing and nature trails are also available in the nearby Lake Thunderbird State Park. Deer archery and fishing are the two most popular activities in this area.

12. Legacy Park

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Legacy Park is a fishing and picnic spot set around a water feature with multiple fountains, paths & a modern amphitheater. Being a highly renowned park in Norman, it’s beautiful amenities attract many people everyday. One of those amenities include fishing. Legacy Park is a fantastic fishing spots situated at the heart of Norman.

Norman is home to parks, lakes and ponds that are full of different species of fish which are attractive to anglers. You really can’t go wrong choosing anyone of the above options as they are all great options for fishing.

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