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9 Best Halal Restaurants in Tulsa, OK [2024]

Are you a Muslims currently residing in Tulsa and looking for some dedicated halal restaurant options? Well, thankfully for you and many other Muslims living in Tulsa, there are quite a few halal-only restaurants that serve delicious East Asian, Mediterranean, and Middle-Eastern cuisines. Moreover, some of them even import ingredients from countries in the Middle East or the Mediterranean to give you the most authentic taste.

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Check out this list of the best halal restaurants in Tulsa.

1. Tikka Kabab

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Halal Restaurants in Tulsa

Tikka Kabab is a popular local counter serve offering a range of Mediterranean-Mexican fusion eats in casual digs. The restaurant is renowned among Muslims in Tulsa for serving completely halal delicacies like kebab and shawarma wraps.

2. RENDANG & CO. – Indonesian Bistro

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Rendang & Co is a halal food chain that is based in Tulsa. The restaurant was founded back in 2018 as an importer and distributor of Hikmah Fajar, an instant seasoning paste from Indonesia. Moreover, Rendang & Co. is renowned for serving halal food only.

3. Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill

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Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill

Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill, a Small, no-nonsense Mediterranean eatery turning out kebabs, falafel & other typical fare. This Mediterranean grill place in Tulsa is one of the best halal restaurants in Tulsa, and serves some of the best grills you’ll find in the city.

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4. Shawkat’s Mediterranean Restaurant

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Sahteyn is a word you will often hear in a Lebanese home; loosely translated it means “twice your health”, a form of welcome to join the family at Shawkat’s Mediterranean Restaurant, and share delicious food. And this is some of the most exquisite food in the world too, as Lebanese cuisine is both generous and abundant.

5. Gyros By Ali, Tulsa

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Gyros By Ali is where you go when you want a superb Gyro. This is the best Mediterranean restaurant in Tulsa. It puts a lot of effort into making your day great through our Gyros. Gyros By Ali makes it great by using the freshest ingredients.

6. Alfred’s Mediterranean Grill

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Serving healthy, gourmet, Mediterranean food to the Tulsa area, Alfred’s Mediterranean Grill has gained a reputation for being one of the best halal restaurants in Tulsa. Some of the popular items here include, grilled chicken, Tabouli, hummus, Greek yogurt, and Sangak bread.

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7. Jamil’s Steakhouse

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Jamil’s Steakhouse, a dinner-only dining and catering outfit serving steaks, seafood & Lebanese-inspired multicourse meals. This steakhouse is renowned for its beef steaks, and it only servces halal foods.

8. Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe – Tulsa

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Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe – Tulsa is a comfy chain restaurant and cafe providing made-to-order gyros & other Mediterranean dishes plus beer & wine. Inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean, Taziki’s colorful menu offers handcrafted, elevated, affordable fare the entire family enjoys.

9. Saffron Mediterranean Cuisine

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Saffron Mediterranean Cuisine, a famed premium Mediterranean restaurant in Tulsa, is widely-known across the city for its delicious halal dishes. At Saffron, you’ll find all kinds of famous Mediterranean dishes, which are made with fresh and imported ingredients.

These are the best dinning and lunch options for dedicated Muslims in Tulsa, as they serve only and only foods that are halal. It is interesting to see the massive influence of Mediterranean cuisines in Tulsa.

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