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5 Homeless Shelters in Norman, OK [2024]

Despite being one of the most affluent cities in Oklahoma, even Norman has a substantial amount of homeless people. Most of Norman’s homeless people survive through programs and shelters established in the city, which usually run through donations made by people like you, Norman’s residents, or through volunteering works of individuals.

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If you are trying to help the homeless people of Norman in need, then you should take a look at these homeless shelters in Norman.

1. Food & Shelter, Inc.

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Food and Shelter, founded in 1983, began distributing meals to hungry people out in community parks initially. Even if the range of services provided has increased over time, a compassionate group of people still forms the foundation of Food and Shelter.

2. Bridges

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Bridges, initially called Independent Living Services for Youth (ILSY), changed its name in 2007 to its current name. It is a nonprofit organization in Norman, which provides food and assistance to Norman’s poorest and homeless people, and has been doing so over 3 decades now.

3. Homeless Military Veterans

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Homeless Military Veterans is the homeless shelter in Norman that is dedicated to serving former military personnel of Norman. The organization is primarily run by volunteers, who have the utmost respect for the people who have served for their country, but have not received the treatment they deserve.

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4. Women’s Resource Center

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Women’s Resource Center, a safe space created specifically for women, is an excellent nonprofit organization in Norman. It serves the homeless women population of Norman, having their nutrition and safety in mind, providing both food and shelter.

5. Women’s Sanctuary – Catholic Charities

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Women’s Sanctuary – Catholic Charities, a catholic charity and nonprofit organization, is designed to offer help and shelter to the homeless catholic women of Norman. Situated in Tonhawa Street, Catholic Charities decided to extend their line of charitable work and started Women’s Sanctuary, to provide women with food and shelter.

As mentioned in this article, Norman is home to a handful homeless shelters, which sometimes during recessions or natural disasters can get overwhelmed. So, make sure you play your part in helping your cities homeless people.

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