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6 Best Dog Parks in Tulsa, OK [2024]

Tulsa is a very natural city known for its parks, landmarks, historical sites, and natural amenities. One of the most popular pastimes for dog owners in Tulsa is to take them to a great dog park with the ideal environment for their dogs. But, finding a dog park that convenient can be a bit tricky.

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Don’t worry, I got you covered. I have compiled a list of some wonderful dog parks in Tulsa that can help you spend a great outing with your dog. These are the best dog parks in Tulsa.

1. Biscuit Acres Dog Park

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dog parks in Tulsa

The Southside Rotary Club funded the construction of Biscuit Acres, Tulsa’s second off-leash dog park, with about $100,000 in contributions to the Southside Rotary Foundation that are tax-deductible. In 2009, Biscuit Acres was formally inaugurated, and has been one of the best dog parks in Tulsa.

2. Joe Station Dog Park

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Joe Station Dog Park is officially operated by the City of Tulsa. It is a public dog park with no services or employees. However, there is a group of volunteers that do offer assistance to the people in the park and their dogs.

3. Route 66 Dog Park

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Route 66 Dog Park

Youth soccer fields, grassland restorations, hiking routes, workout stations, a picnic pavilion, a playground, restrooms, and obviously, a dog park are all included in this enormous park. This expansive green dog park, which is divided into two zones, is the ideal location to exercise your dog.

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4. Rose West Dog Park

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Rose West Dog Park is one of the most stunning dog parks in the Greater Tulsa area, situated a premiere suburban location. The park offers many amenities for both the dogs and their owners.

5. Gunboat Park North

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The perfect spot in Tulsa for every visitor is Gunboat Park North. It is quite convenient and close to the Midland Valley Trail, the 64/51 freeway off ramp, and a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stop. Also, it is extremely close to eight other well-known tourist destinations.

6. JG’s Fully Fenced Yard

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JG’s Fully Fenced Yard offers secure and safe fencing for your dogs according to almost everyone of its clients. It is a small space, with lots of amenities in offer for the dogs including, water hose, water sprinkler, and has short grass.

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As we can notice, there are only about a handful dog parks in Tulsa, most of which have enough space from half a dozen to a dozen dogs.

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