LaTeshia Dockery

Interview with LaTeshia Dockery: “Embrace Rejection as a Stepping Stone”

This part of “Interview with High Profile Entrepreneur” is about a person who always spreads positive vide with her beautiful smile. Let’s dive into the interview with LaTeshia Dockery who is the founder of The WERKshop OKC.

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Please introduce yourself broadly to our audience?

Greetings, I’m LaTeshia Dockery, a dedicated entrepreneur hailing from Moore, Oklahoma.

Based on your valuable experience, what are the key elements of running a successful business?

Drawing from my extensive experience, effective communication and staying true to one’s purpose are pivotal in achieving business success. Confidence in utilizing one’s unique skill set is a potent asset.

How to overcome failure based on your experience?

Embracing failure as a learning opportunity is crucial. It’s about reframing setbacks into valuable lessons.

What’s your vision for your company in the future?

Currently spearheading Her Community LLC. (Helping Entrepreneurs Rise), my vision is to establish it as a positive resource and welcoming network hub for entrepreneurs.

What would be your suggestion for the people who are aspiring to become like you in the future?

For aspiring individuals, investing in oneself, fostering self-belief, and seeking support from a network of believers are paramount. Embrace rejection as a stepping stone, understanding that a ‘no’ might just mean ‘not right now.’

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