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10 Beautiful Small Towns near Norman, OK [2024]

The rough terrain and forested regions of Norman are well known. This lovely state’s central region is a haven for history buffs and lovers of the great outdoors. You must travel to the tiny towns close to Norman if you want to learn about all of Oklahoma’s wonders. Each of these towns has a picturesque activity that is difficult to match.

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Go through this list of excellent small towns near Norman that are worth a visit before making any travel arrangements.

1. Noble

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A little town with a population of roughly 6,500, Noble is about 10 miles southeast of Norman. The Rose Rock Festival and its antique stores are well-known attractions. Noble is known for its antique shops, which attract visitors from all over the state. The city also hosts the annual Rose Rock Festival, which celebrates the unique mineral formations found in the area.

2. Blanchard

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With a population of roughly 8,000, Blanchard is a tiny town 15 miles southwest of Norman. It is well-known for its storied downtown and holiday parade. Lions Park in Blanchard, which contains a playground, picnic spaces, and a walking track, is one of the parks and recreational areas that Blanchard has to offer.

The Blanchard Public School District, which educates students from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve, is also located in the city. Blanchard Elementary School, Blanchard Intermediate School, and Blanchard High School are the three institutions that make up the district.

3. Purcell

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With a population of roughly 6,000, Purcell is a tiny community about 20 miles south of Norman. It is renowned for having the Heart of Oklahoma Exhibition Center and the historic Santa Fe Station. It is one of the most beautiful small towns near Norman.

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4. Lexington

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A little town with a population of roughly 2,000 people, Lexington is about 20 miles east of Norman. Additionally, Lexington is well-known for both its yearly Thunderbird Balloon Festival and its historic downtown.

5. Washington

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With a population of roughly 600, Washington is a stunning small town about 30 miles north of Norman, Oklahoma. Historic structures and an annual watermelon festival are among the most renowned attractions in this town.

6. Wayne

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Wayne is a small town located in McClain County, Oklahoma, approximately 30 kilometers south of Norman. It is roughly 1.5 square miles in size and home to about 800 people. General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, a hero of the American Revolutionary War, inspired the naming of the town, which was established in 1892.

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7. Maysville

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Maysville is renowned for its historic downtown, which contains a number of structures from the early 1900s. The town also conducts a number of regional celebrations throughout the year, such as the Maysville Blackberry Festival, which honors the area’s long tradition of growing blackberries.

8. Tecumseh

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Tecumseh is renowned for its lovely downtown district, which has a number of old structures from the early 1900s. Also, the community offers a number of parks and outdoor spaces, such as Tecumseh City Park, which features a playground, a basketball court, and picnic places. The Tecumseh Opry, which showcases live music performances by local performers, is one of the town’s many yearly events.

9. Lindsay

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A little community called Lindsay may be found in Oklahoma’s Garvin County, around 40 miles south of Norman. It is around 1.5 square miles in size and has a population of about 2,800. Lewis Lindsay, a well-known early settler in the area, is the name of the town.

10. Pauls Valley

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Smith Paul, a railroad officer who assisted in bringing the railroad to the region, was honored with the town’s name.

Pauls Valley provides a number of parks and recreational places, including Wacker Park, which contains a playground, a walking route, and picnic sites, in addition to its downtown area and events. The Pauls Valley Public School District, which educates kids from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, is also located in the town. The Pauls Valley Junior High School, Lee Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, and Pauls Valley High School are the four institutions that make up the district.

Historic landmarks, outdoor leisure areas, and regional festivals are just a few of the things that these little towns have to offer. Make sure to visit as many of them as you can when you visit Norman, Oklahoma.

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