9 Best Dentists in Lawton, OK (2024)

A city renowned for its diverse healthcare offerings, the dentists in Lawton stand out prominently. Here, a selection of reputable dental practices and clinics cater to the dental health needs of the community, each embodying unique qualities and expertise.

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1. Lawton Dental and Implants

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At Lawton Dental and Implants, a commitment to cutting-edge dental technology meets compassionate patient care. Driven by a passion for providing comprehensive dental services, they specialize in dental implants, offering a range of restorative and cosmetic procedures to restore smiles. Their emphasis on modern techniques and patient comfort ensures a positive dental experience.

2. Lawton Dental Group

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With a focus on family-oriented dental care, Lawton Dental Group stands as a pillar of oral health in the community. Their team of skilled professionals provides a broad spectrum of services, from routine cleanings to advanced procedures, fostering a welcoming environment for patients of all ages. Personalized care and a commitment to excellence define their practice.

3. Gentle Family Dentistry: Lawton/Ft Sill

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True to its name, Gentle Family Dentistry prioritizes a gentle approach to dental care, aiming to alleviate any anxiety associated with dental visits. Their emphasis on creating a comfortable atmosphere ensures a positive experience for patients. Through preventive care and patient education, they promote long-term oral health for the entire family.

4. Shephard Family Dental Care

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Dedicated to delivering personalized care, Shephard Family Dental Care focuses on building lasting relationships with patients. Dr. Shephard’s practice emphasizes individualized treatment plans, addressing each patient’s unique dental needs. Their commitment to patient satisfaction and quality care fosters trust and confidence among those they serve.

5. Lawton Dentistry & Orthodontics

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At Lawton Dentistry & Orthodontics, a comprehensive approach to oral health combines general dentistry with orthodontic services. Their team of skilled professionals offers a wide array of treatments, from routine check-ups to orthodontic interventions, catering to patients seeking both dental care and orthodontic solutions under one roof.

6. Montgomery Family Dentistry

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Montgomery Family Dentistry prides itself on providing compassionate and high-quality dental services. Their patient-centered approach emphasizes preventive care, aiming to educate and empower patients to maintain optimal oral health. The practice focuses on creating a warm and welcoming environment for families seeking dental care.

7. Premier Dental Arts: Bret Warn, D.D.S

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Premier Dental Arts, led by Dr. Bret Warn, embodies a commitment to artistic and aesthetic dentistry. Their practice offers a blend of science and artistry, focusing on cosmetic procedures to enhance smiles. Dr. Warn’s expertise and attention to detail ensure meticulous and personalized treatments for his patients.

8. Bridges & Buckner Dentistry

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Known for its comprehensive range of dental services, Bridges & Buckner Dentistry focuses on providing quality care for patients of all ages. Their experienced team utilizes advanced techniques to address various dental needs, maintaining a strong emphasis on patient comfort and satisfaction.

9. David J. Drummond, D.D.S

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Dr. David J. Drummond’s practice is synonymous with personalized and gentle dental care. With a commitment to patient education and preventive measures, the practice aims to empower patients to take control of their oral health. Dr. Drummond’s compassionate approach fosters enduring relationships with his patients.

These diverse dental practices in Lawton exemplify a dedication to excellence, patient comfort, and comprehensive care. Whether it’s specialized services like implants, family-oriented care, aesthetic dentistry, or a blend of general and orthodontic treatments, these dental professionals strive to enhance oral health and provide positive experiences for their patients. The collective commitment of dentists of Lawton to maintaining healthy smiles plays a crucial role in promoting overall well-being within the community.

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