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11 Top Rated Dentists in Tulsa, OK [2024]

You want a dentistry to be a place where you feel secure and reliable about the treatment you’ll be getting. Nothing about the practice of dentistry should seem fearful to you, and it is the job of your dentist to make you feel that way.

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Luckily for you, Tulsa is full of high-caliber dentists with years of experience behind them. However, finding which one is the right one for you is a very difficult task. But, you have nothing to worry about because I have compiled a list for you.

The list of the best dentists in Tulsa is below.

1. Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa

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dentists in Tulsa

Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa, an excellent dentist in Tulsa, treats you not just like a number, but as client. It treats you as the individual you are, with customized recommendations based on your unique needs as opposed to a standardized treatment plan.

2. Utica Dental of Tulsa

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Utica Dental of Tulsa has defeated the myths of scary dentistry in Tulsa. In fact, it makes going to the dentist fun! The atmosphere is always positive and energetic, and Utica Dental pays attention to the tiniest details to make your appointment enjoyable.

3. Tulsa Dental Center

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Tulsa Dental Center

Tulsa Dental Center is comprised of a team of outstanding dental professionals who are the best at what they do. Each week, it works together as a cohesive unit to ensure that each patient visit is a success. The Tulsa-based dentistry team is here to serve its friends and neighbors, and to help you live with a bold smile that radiates confidence.

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4. Spring Dental

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To Spring Dental, teamwork and culture is extremely important. Its team loves their jobs, because it creates an upbeat, challenging, and friendly environment to work in. The objective at Spring Dental is to make sure every patient has a great experience.

5. Tulsa Modern Dental

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Tulsa Modern Dental welcomes you to its cosmetic, restorative, and general dental practice center in Tulsa. Merging quality, with compassionate care and advanced dental techniques, Tulsa Modern Dental wants its patients to feel cared for and empowered with their oral health.

6. Southern Hills Dental Care

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Southern Hills Dental Care has designed their office keeping patients in mind. By combining a calm atmosphere with the latest technology, it has created a place where patients receive the level of dental care they need and deserve.

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7. Tulsa Hills Dental Care

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Tulsa Hills Dental Care’s goal is to maintain health and restore bright, confident smiles. Regardless of the procedure, it is vitally important to understand patients in order to provide compassionate and empathetic care, which is provided by Tulsa Hills Dental.

8. Midtown Dental Arts

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Midtown Dental Arts is pleased to offer comprehensive dental care to help you and your family achieve excellent oral health and beautiful smiles. At Midtown Dental Arts, the staff are genuinely concerned for your wellbeing and oral health, which is why it never rushes any appointments.

9. My Dentist

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The dental team at My Dentist is dedicated to serving people, not numbers, and that’s why Tulsa’s residents continue to trust it so much. My Dentist has made looking after your smiles and health, its personal mission.

10. Galleria of Smiles – Tulsa

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Galleria of Smiles has vast extensive experience in all aspects of modern dentistry. It offers a comprehensive dental care, including everything from the preventive education and routine hygiene that help to reduce dental problems to expert cosmetic and restorative solutions for the dental issues its patients face.

11. Southern Pointe Dental And Implants – Tulsa

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Southern Pointe Dental and Implants is committed to providing the highest quality of service and a world class experience. It’s mission is to make sure each patient is treated as a unique individual with particular needs while still receiving its complete care and compassion each and every visit.

What is the main thing you expect from your dentist? To be friendly, competent, or experienced? Well, I have made this list featuring the dentists in Tulsa that have the ideal mix of those three qualities and more.

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