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11 Best Concert Venues in Oklahoma City (OKC) [2024]

What makes a concert venue a great venue?

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  • The music system
  • lighting
  • seating plan
  • on-site services

With a variety of options ranging from large amphitheaters to cozy indie venues, this list guarantees you’ll see the best concert venues in Oklahoma City.

1. The Criterion

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Oklahoma City’s The Criterion is well-known for combining modern amenities with a touch of heritage. Renowned performers from all genres have performed at this multi-level, 3,500-seat venue, which is a mainstay of the city’s live music landscape.

Modern sound and lighting equipment, large balconies, and a prime location make The Criterion a fantastic venue for concerts. 

2.89th Street

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With its creative spirit, this small, diverse venue hosts a wide range of local and touring musicians, and it delivers a punch. It can accommodate about 300 people and provides an intimate and close-up experience with performers.

In OKC, people enjoy 89th Street as a favorite place to explore new music because of its friendly atmosphere, reasonably priced tickets, and committed staff.

3. The Blue Door 

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With a capacity of about 100, this small venue offers a personal, up-close experience with a concentration on folk and acoustic music. Its modest façade conceals a long tradition of welcoming renowned artists in a cozy atmosphere.

The Blue Door is still a hidden treasure for anyone looking for real live music experiences in Oklahoma City.

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4. Civic Center Music Hall 

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Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City is a cultural cornerstone that combines historical elegance with acoustic excellence. Its opulent, art deco architecture and capacity of more than 2,400 seats make it an imposing venue for live events such as Broadway productions and orchestra concerts.

The amazing acoustics, outstanding facilities, and ideal location in the center of Oklahoma make Civic Center Music Hall an unforgettable experience for both performers and fans.

5. UCO Jazz Lab 

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This cozy venue, which is a part of the University of Central Oklahoma, provides jazz fans and fans of other music genres with a friendly ambiance.

The UCO Jazz Lab is a cultural center where music comes alive and flourishes in the center of Oklahoma thanks to its well-tuned acoustics, gifted student musicians, and frequent concerts by international artists.


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Paycom Center is a cozy and versatile concert venue in Oklahoma City that also serves as the home of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder. It can accommodate more than 18,000 people in seats, and some of the biggest names in music come here.

Music lovers in Oklahoma should not miss this arena, which is well-known for its excellent sound and lighting systems and offers a huge stage for outstanding live performances.

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7. Diamond Ballroom

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With a seating capacity of about 1,000, this medium-sized theater has long been a center for alternative, rock, and metal music. Renowned and up-and-coming musicians alike love it for its superb sound system and raw, unpretentious atmosphere.

The Diamond Ballroom’s reputation as an essential component of Oklahoma City’s live music scene has been cemented by its commitment to presenting a wide spectrum of musical talent.

8. The Zoo Amphitheatre 

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With space for up to 8,000 people, this outdoor amphitheater inside the Oklahoma City Zoo provides a unique experience.

Concert-goers can enjoy their favorite artists while surrounded by lush greenery and exotic animals, creating an unforgettable fusion of music and the natural world, making it an extraordinary experience in the OKC music scene.

9. Starlight Amphitheatre

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This theater, which can hold up to 2,500 people, offers a lovely environment for live performances. Starlight Amphitheatre creates an enchanting atmosphere that sets the stage for memorable musical experiences in Oklahoma.

The unique combination of an amazing environment and the splendor of the city’s stars makes Starlight Amphitheatre so memorable. 

10. The Tower Theatre 

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Oklahoma City’s Tower Theatre is a historic treasure that has been transformed into a lively concert hall. This art-deco-inspired venue, which can hold up to 1,000 people, provides a unique and cozy environment for live music events.

It has developed into a thriving cultural center that showcases a wide variety of genres for both local and touring performers. The Tower Theatre is a unique venue in the Oklahoma City music scene because of its dedication to maintaining its historic charm while embracing modern music culture.

11. JJ’s Alley

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With a capacity of around 200, this intimate space offers a close-up experience with local and regional bands spanning various genres. JJ’s Alley is a favorite destination for music lovers looking for a genuine and grounded experience in the OKC music scene because of its welcoming staff and varied performance options.

From historic theaters to cozy listening rooms, there is a diverse array of concert venues in Oklahoma City. There is something for everyone in the city’s music culture, regardless of your preference for large-scale events or cozy get-togethers. These locations provide a colorful and energetic setting for memorable live music events. 

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