12 Best Party Venues in Oklahoma City (OKC) [2024]

Find the most comprehensive guide to the best party venues in Oklahoma City, where celebrations come to life! The venues on this list, which range from elegant ballrooms to charming outdoor areas and rural barns, are sure to make any occasion special and unforgettable. Get ready to ignite your party-planning journey!

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1. Mickey Mantle’s Stakehouse

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Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse in Oklahoma is an upscale party venue exuding a classic and sophisticated vibe. It is named after the baseball great and offers fine dining in a sophisticated setting with dark wood furnishings and antique sports memorabilia. Perfect for elegant get-togethers, blending classic steakhouse charm with a classic, sports-themed atmosphere.

2. Parlour OKC

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Parlor OKC is a distinct destination for food and entertainment and a unique party spot. Located in the center of Oklahoma City, this dynamic venue is ideal for organizing energetic parties, receptions, and events with an urban flair. It offers a stylish rooftop bar, a variety of culinary options, and a busy ambiance.

3. The Jones Assembly

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Oklahoma’s hidden gem, The Jones Assembly, is a lovely, small party space. Nestled within a historically significant structure, it radiates a timeless elegance and charm, rendering it ideal for intimate get-togethers, wedding showers, and afternoon tea ceremonies. It’s a charming scene for special occasions with a hint of retro sophistication.

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4. River Oaks Golf Club

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River Oaks Golf Club is a vibrant, stylish party venue in Oklahoma City. It’s a cutting-edge center for dining and entertainment with a vibrant ambiance. It’s the ideal setting for lively parties, get-togethers, and events that come alive with energy and style because of its varied dining options, hip rooftop bar, and communal environment.

5. Plenty Mercantile

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The popular Oklahoma party spot Plenty Mercantile has a rustic-chic aesthetic. The design blends contemporary luxury with old charm, all housed in a historic warehouse. For events and gatherings that honor the past as well as the present, its exposed brick walls, industrial details, and bohemian flair provide a cozy and inviting ambiance.

6. Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club 

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The Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club is a distinguished party spot in Oklahoma with a sophisticated atmosphere. Situated within an elegant golf club, it offers an exquisite natural setting. It’s the ideal option for elegant gatherings, weddings, and galas that exude timeless beauty and grace because of its immaculate grounds, chic ballrooms, and tranquil atmosphere.

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7. Jimmy Austin Golf Club 

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Jimmy Austin Golf Club is a unique party location in Oklahoma that has a laid-back atmosphere. It offers a calm and welcoming atmosphere since it is tucked away on a lovely golf course. Large green spaces, panoramic views, and a hint of leisure make it a perfect venue for outdoor parties, business functions, and sophisticated yet relaxed get-togethers.

8. Sooner Bowling Centre 

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Oklahoma’s Sooner Bowling Center is a vibrant and exciting party location. It’s the ideal scenario for a laid-back and engaging gathering with neon lighting, vintage furnishings, and a positive mood. Sooner Bowling Center provides a lively and laid-back atmosphere for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s for a birthday celebration, business function, or just a night out with friends.

9. Urban Venue

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The Urban Venue in Oklahoma sets the stage for modern and chic events. Located in the city’s heart, it boasts an industrial, minimalist vibe. With its sleek design, exposed beams, and contemporary ambiance, it’s the ideal spot for urban-inspired parties, weddings, and corporate functions that exude a trendy and cosmopolitan charm.

10.Overhalser Mansion

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The Overholser Mansion is a classy party spot in Oklahoma that has a classic, old-world feel. This magnificent estate creates the ideal setting for elegant and unforgettable parties with its classical architecture, lush grounds, and magnificent interiors. It’s the ideal option for sophisticated events that reflect a time of elegance and grace, such as weddings and galas.

11. Mustang Town Centre

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Mustang Town Centre is an innovative party location in Oklahoma with an artistic and varied atmosphere. Nestled among contemporary art exhibits, it offers a unique and inspiring atmosphere. It’s the ideal place for avant-garde parties, gallery receptions, and creative get-togethers because of its creative artwork, vivid colors, and atmosphere that honors artistic expression.

12. The Fresh Sound Lounge Event Centre

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The Fresh Sound Lounge And Event Centre is a modern party venue in Oklahoma City that exudes an elegant, creative atmosphere. Tucked away amidst contemporary artwork, it provides a fresh and lively atmosphere. It’s the ideal location for chic get-togethers, art exhibits, and parties that embrace the avant-garde attitude thanks to its minimalist design, cutting-edge furnishings, and atmosphere that fosters creativity.

The variety of party locations offers a wide range of choices to suit any occasion, adding to the colorful tapestry of party venues in Oklahoma City . There is a place for every taste and inclination, ranging from avant-garde galleries to historic houses, rural retreats to bustling urban areas. With their fascinating histories, distinctive atmospheres, and first-rate amenities, these venues guarantee unforgettable parties for all. 

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