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Top 53 Made In Oklahoma Brands to Follow in 2024

Oklahoma has long been associated with creativity, diligence, and a dedication to excellence. Among the many contributions it has made to the nation’s tapestry are the remarkable items proudly labeled Made in Oklahoma. From delicious confections to innovative technologies, Oklahoma’s businesspeople and craftspeople have created a diverse range of brands that capture the essence and inventiveness of the state.

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Here, we will explore some of Oklahoma’s best Made in Oklahoma brands that are models of quality and progress.

1. Jan’s Pickle

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Remaining a local favorite, Jan’s Pickle offers four tasty kinds and is available nationwide in retail and wholesale formats, mostly serving Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Their dedication to excellence embodies the essence of the Midwest.

2. Chill-N-Reel

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Proud to present a product portfolio that is intended to completely transform the fishing experience, Chill-N-Reel is distinguished by its creative approach to fishing convenience. Their popular Chill-N-Reels, which are featured in local merchant events across the country and can be purchased on their website, Amazon, and TikTok, perfectly capture the essence of Oklahoman workmanship.

All Chill-N-Reels are painstakingly made and put together in Oklahoma, which is evidence of the company’s dedication to excellence and community spirit.

3. 4 Generations Organic Farms

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4 Generations Organic Farms in Oklahoma has been committed to organic farming for five years, using organic fertilizer and natural bug deterrents. They aim for high yields and quality, with organic wheat berries containing up to 16% protein. The small-town operation partners with organic flour brands like King Arthur and Barton Springs Mill, offering premium organic wheat berries through various channels. 4 generations prioritizes transparency and accountability, selling only what they grow themselves. Their farm-to-table philosophy ensures direct delivery from their fields. They stand as pioneers in organic excellence, delivering products that embody transparency and purity.

4. Mountain Fork Brewery

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Well-known throughout Oklahoma, Mountain Fork Brewery is a booming enterprise that includes a restaurant and bar. This brand, which is well-known for its outstanding craft brews, offers customers a great dining experience in the center of Oklahoma while also enhancing the state’s brewing sector.

5. Goodytwos Toffee Company

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Goodytwos Toffee Company is a small-batch almond-toffee artisan that uses heart-healthy nuts, butter, and pure cane sugar without chemicals or preservatives. Their confections offer a satisfying experience with well-balanced flavors, showcasing their commitment to quality and taste from Oklahoma.

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6. L and L Manufacturing, LLC

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Their commitment to excellence extends beyond borders, showcasing their premium products on prominent platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and their dedicated website. with a dedication to quality and accessibility.

7. Sophie’s People Food for Pets

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Sophie’s Premier Pet Fare, an Oklahoma-based brand, is a symbol of luxury and love for animals. The company’s logo, centered around a Siberian husky, represents the royal and loving nature of cherished dogs. The Husky’s distinctive three-legged silhouette highlights the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and tenacity.

8. 46th State Candle Company

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Introducing the 46th State Candle Company: the epitome of Oklahoma’s essence captured in wax. As the world’s sole Oklahoma-inspired candle brand, they meticulously craft scents evoking the Sooner State’s landscapes, from prairie grasses to thunderstorms. Each candle tells a fragrant tale of Oklahoma’s charm and spirit.

9. Oklahoma Gourmet Popcorn

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Introducing Oklahoma Gourmet Popcorn, a brand born from a passion for creating tantalizing treats. Crafting their popcorn in-store, this unique business boasts two retail fronts and engages in wholesale, fundraisers, and nationwide shipping. Their dedication to quality and innovation extends to crafting delightful popcorn specially tailored for pets, offering a flavorful experience that delights both you and your family.

10. Pawsitively Organic

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The Oklahoma-based company Pawsitively Indulgence specializes in making healthy homemade dog treats. Beyond just goodies, they also provide a variety of healthier options, like dog collars, leashes, and toys. They provide each dog with the attention and knowledge they need, all while maintaining a commitment to excellence and the welfare of pets.

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11. Prohibition Soap LLC

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Made in Oklahoma brand Prohibition Soap is distinguished by its use of natural ingredients and products with themes from the prohibition era. Their soaps, which emphasize originality and purity, have imaginative names and no additional detergents.

This brand primarily sells online, but it also has a growing store presence in Oklahoma City and Yukon. It offers white labeling and customizable options. Prohibition Soap’s dedication to creativity and quality has kept them popular among consumers looking for great skincare products and a little nostalgia, even as they consider growing.

12. Put A Cork In It

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Their ethos—make wine, sell wine—is carried through to their inviting tasting room and gift shop. This brand, well-known for its commitment to producing quality wines, is a refuge for connoisseurs looking for delectable tastes and a warm atmosphere.

13. Orton’s house seasonings

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Orton’s House Seasonings, a family-owned brand, has 25 stores in Oklahoma City and a global reach. Their signature product, three distinct blends (original, lower salt, and spicy), enhances various dishes. The brand’s motto, #getyousome, encourages making these spices a staple in the kitchen. Visit Orton’s House for more information.

14. On the Lamb Winery, LLC

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On the Lamb Winery, a renowned wine producer in Oklahoma crafts exceptional vintages that capture the spirit of the state in each bottle. As a well-known wine distributor, they stand out for their dedication to quality and innovation and provide wine enthusiasts with a taste of superb workmanship right in the middle of the Sooner State.

15. Seikel’s Oklahoma Gold Mustard

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Seikel’s stands are the epitome of excellent mustard. Said to be of superior quality and with a rich flavor, they declare with pride, “We manufacture and distribute the world’s best mustard.” a real monument to the state’s dedication to fine dining.

16. Cobbler Mom

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Presenting Cobbler Mom is a itsMade in Oklahoma brand that personifies the spirit of comfort food from the South. They provide clients with a nostalgic flavor of home, specializing in mouthwatering cobblers. Cobbler Mom is a beloved contribution to the state’s culinary tradition because of her dedication to providing handmade goodness.

17. Ransom’s BBQ LLC

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Oklahoma’s culinary treasure, Ransom’s BBQ LLC, has made a name for itself with its unique and hot BBQ sauce and rub. Ransom’s perfectly encapsulates Oklahoma’s rich BBQ heritage and is available at the OKC Public Farmers Market, several local venues, and more than 40 stores from OKC to Arkansas.

18. Susan Diann Designs

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Susan Diann is a dedicated photographer who specializes in capturing the soul of her surroundings through her wildlife and landscape images. Her collection includes one-of-a-kind gift products, including calendars, Christmas ornaments, and magnets, as well as a variety of fine art prints on canvas, metal, and other media.

Susan exhibits her artwork often at different Oklahoman shows, but she also keeps a small studio in Elmore City, where she invites art fans to come see her work in person. (The site is not accessible.)

19. Figments of Imagination

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The creative mind behind Oklahoma-based Figments of Imagination is a visionary artisan. The brand is a prime example of ingenuity, using fused glass to create both utilitarian and ornamental goods. Their works capture the imagination in each creative creation, weaving a tapestry of vivid colors and complex motifs.

20. Freed Family Farm

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The Freed Family Farm is an excellent example of handcrafted beauty. Customers looking for pure, nourishing products are drawn to their handcrafted soaps, lotions, and jellies, which are created in a certified kitchen with a focus on quality and natural ingredients.

21. Dark Horse Creations

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A business called Dark Horse Creations, with its headquarters in Oklahoma, offers an eye-catching fusion of carpentry expertise and home décor. Their work is evident on everything from gorgeous wood tables to dexterous craftsmanship and cutting boards. Redefining elegance in every design, they embrace innovation with their wood clocks and live-edge tables. (The site doesn’t work.)

22. Osage Orange Farm

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The well-known made-in-Oklahoma brand Osage Orange Farms is a harmonic fusion of natural delights. Known for its beef that is processed on grass, the farm provides a peaceful sanctuary where farming opportunities are abundant. Hiking aficionados are drawn to its expansive paths, and peaceful fishing areas round out this true outdoor haven.

23. Knotty Pine Barbeque, LLC

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Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma, Knotty Pine BBQ is the quintessential brand celebrating the state’s barbecue legacy. Their mouthwatering sauces, steeped in tradition and crafted with passion, encapsulate Oklahoma’s love for smoky, flavorful indulgence.

24. Lavender Silk Farm, LLC

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Lavender Silk Farm grows lavender and other medical plants on their farm and uses the therapeutic properties of these treasured botanicals to infuse their handmade natural cosmetic products. Their commitment to utilizing the purity of nature in every product is embodied in their retail and wholesale offerings.

25. Dark Water Ranch

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Their reputation as a functioning farmstead is based on their skill in creating natural bath products and goat milk soap. In addition to growing fresh food, the ranch hosts Oklahoma Farm Fun events for families, highlighting the farm-to-product process and helping them understand that necessities like soap are made on the soil. In an era of mass manufacturing, Dark Water Ranch serves as a lighthouse, informing people about the source of high-quality products.

26. Cottage Goods

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The Oklahoma-based company Cottage Goods personifies craftsmanship in simple, daily necessities. Their line of handcrafted natural items includes organic coconut soap, natural lotions, deodorant, chest rubs, beard products, laundry soaps, and soy candles. Their dedication to excellence, authenticity, and the allure of the Midwest is evident in every piece.

27. Dancing Skeleton Meadery

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Dancing Skeleton Meadery is a well-known honey winemaker artisan that epitomizes Oklahoman inventiveness. They innovate while maintaining tradition in their outstanding mead-making. Located in the center of the state, their concoctions blend regional tastes and entice enthusiasts with a hint of Oklahoma’s rich history with each drink.

28. Moist Your Soap

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They specialize in handcrafting luxurious soap and body care products. With a dedication to premium quality and natural ingredients, they epitomize excellence in skincare. Each meticulously curated item embodies the essence of Oklahoma’s commitment to purity and indulgence.

29. Gypsy Spirit Botanicals

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Gypsy Spirit Botanicals LLC embodies a commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. This brand creates a harmonic fusion of nature’s essence through handcrafted herbal baths and body products. Their carefully made items embody the essence of Oklahoma’s natural richness, inviting indulgence and well-being via the use of locally derived botanicals.

30. My Chug Buddy

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Chug Buddy, a symbol of Oklahoma’s creative energy, introduces a novel can holder. With its integrated puncture device, this brand epitomizes practicality and design. Constructed in the center of Oklahoma, it’s the ideal ally for connoisseurs looking for an easygoing drinking experience.

31. Hal’s Homemade Jerky

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Hal’s Homemade Jerky, a manufacturer and retailer of homemade jerky products based in Oklahoma, stands as a savory beacon in the state’s culinary landscape. Renowned for their handcrafted, flavorful jerky, Hal’s commitment to quality and taste reflects Oklahoma’s dedication to artisanal excellence.

32. Margaret Design Studio

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Margert Design Studio, a hallmark of Oklahoma craftsmanship, intricately weaves scarves, shawls, hats, headbands, and baby blankets on looms. Each piece embodies artistry and warmth, celebrating the state’s dedication to handcrafted elegance. From loom to creation, Margert Design Studio threads a story of exquisite textile mastery.

33. Empress Du Jour

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Empress Du Jour is an Oklahoma-based business that promotes self-expression and creativity through its handcrafted scrunchies. These large, extra-stretch scrunchies offer comfort and style, celebrating individuality. Empress Du Jour presents a universe of opportunities, combining remarkable workmanship and individual expression. Each garment is expertly produced, showcasing the spirit of comfort and style that is inherent in their products.

34. Fragrant Forest Farms

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Fragrant Forest Farms, a thriving business in Oklahoma, began in 2017 with Carol Jones- a woman initially afraid of bees but later passionate about the process. Over the years, the farm has grown to over 200,000 bees spread across 25 beehives. Her husband, Albert Jones, introduced her to the taste of raw honey, and she began her journey into beekeeping. She expanded the apiary and created a line of natural goods made from bee hives. Fragrant Forest Farms now offers a variety of natural items made from bee presents, showcasing Carol’s dedication to sharing nature’s richest treasures with the world.

35. Harry’s Birdhouses

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Harry’s Birdhouses, an Oklahoma-based brand, specializes in handcrafted birdhouses and feeders designed for serious avian enthusiasts. With a commitment to quality, they attend local craft fairs, showcasing their exquisite creations tailored for the delight of birds.

36. Country Style Scents

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Country Style Scents, an Oklahoma-born brand, captures the heart of the Sooner State in every product. Specializing in hand-poured candles housed in bespoke concrete and hydro stone vessels, their collection also extends to room sprays, body sprays, and wax melts. With a unique touch, they offer not just scents but an experience, complemented by a range of apparel, including charming t-shirts.

37. Creative Quills

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With a unique pledge to feature works by Oklahoma writers, they illuminate the state’s literary landscape. Their commitment to crafting and publishing books resonates, fostering a vibrant community of local wordsmiths and amplifying their narratives.

38. Jacks BBQ Sauce LLC

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The founding entrepreneur, Sharla D. (Jackson) McDaniel, is the inspiration behind the iconic Oklahoma brand Jacks BBQ LLC. Sharla Jackson was raised on a tiny farm not far from Boynton, Oklahoma, and her father, Jack H. Jackson, was her first chef. When Sharla was fourteen years old and had a barbecue without sauce, she came up with the idea for Just Another Country Kickin’ Sauce (JACKS) in 1979. Mixing ketchup and spices, this tasty concoction proved to be a demonstration of her creative energy. Jacks, which is sold on and in 10 chosen stores around Oklahoma, still personifies the best of what is produced locally.

39. Northern Delight Soap Co. LLC

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In Oklahoma, Northern Delights Soap Co., LLC, is the pinnacle of handcrafted artistry. Focusing on artisanal body necessities, such as opulent soaps, opulent body butter, beard oils, and lotion bars, each item is painstakingly made by hand. a company committed to using natural, regional ingredients to improve self-care experiences.

40. Nouveau Chocolates

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Nouveau Chocolates, an exquisite brand hailing from Oklahoma, specializes in handmade Belgian chocolates. Renowned for their decadent truffles, tantalizing ice cream, aromatic coffee, and divine desserts, Nouveau Chocolates captivates taste buds with a symphony of flavors, showcasing the state’s commitment to gourmet indulgence.

41. Karon’s Unique Casings

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In the Oklahoman heartland, a unique brand takes off, changing the way people think about discarded gun casings. The brand’s creative director, Karon, turns these abandoned objects into gorgeous jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces. Her creative upcycling technique gives these casings a new lease on life, creating stunning artworks that defy expectations. While some pieces are painstakingly made from the ground up, others use unique components that give them a unique and alluring recycled appeal.

42. Augusto’s Green Sauce

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Augusto’s Green Sauce stands tall as an iconic condiment born in Oklahoma. Their spicy, creamy dipping sauce is a versatile delight, enhancing the flavors of fish, beef, chicken, vegetables, and more. A true embodiment of the state’s bold flavors and culinary innovation.

43. Loco Polo Salsa LLC

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Loco Polo Salsa LLC tantalizes taste buds with its homemade artisan salsa Verde. Beyond their delectable culinary offerings, they craft custom apparel and fascinators. Find them showcasing their vibrant creations every Saturday at the Lawton Farmer’s Market.

44. Jaren’s Jerky

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Introducing Jaren’s Jerky, an Oklahoma-born brand renowned for its commitment to crafting premium, homestyle beef jerky. With an array of flavors like Original, Spicy, Teriyaki, and Sweet N’ Heat, they specialize in delivering high-quality, savory delights that captivate taste buds and embody the essence of homemade goodness.

45. Cab Closet

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Cab Closet, which was born in the center of Oklahoma, epitomizes style and utility for the contemporary traveler. This cutting-edge company offers a convenient way to maintain organization when traveling. “CabCloset helps you stay organized on the go, so your clothes look great when you arrive!” Cab Closet enhances the travel experience by providing efficiency and convenience and guaranteeing immaculate clothes upon arrival.

46. Herb Conscious Co.

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Herb Conscious Co., based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a leading ethical luxury brand that produces high-quality, all-natural, plant-based skincare, haircare, beard care, pet care, and bath and body products. The company uses only the best ingredients from Earth, promoting a holistic approach to beauty and environmental preservation. Herb Conscious Co. is committed to community preservation and has established over 2000 relationships with customers.

The brand offers handcrafted soaps, herbal bubble bath bombs, botanical body scrubs, and other skincare items. They use environmentally friendly packaging and encourage reuse and waste reduction to promote a sustainable mindset. Herb Conscious Co. is a conscious movement that demonstrates how opulent self-care and environmental responsibility can coexist peacefully.

47. Collier Custom Leatherwork

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Collier Custom Leatherwork is a symbol of unmatched creativity, having crafted leather for over 40 years with skill and mastery. With an emphasis on gun leather, notebook covers, Bible covers, and custom leather items, each piece is painstakingly produced, honoring Oklahoma’s tradition of fine craftsmanship and devotion.

48. Happy Valley Goats

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Happy Valley Goat, an Oklahoma-based brand, epitomizes compassion through therapy-trained goats. Their founder raises and cares for these special animals, crafting a range of nourishing products—from goat milk soaps to lotions, beard oils, and even unique epoxy/wood soap dishes—all supporting the well-being of their cherished herd.

49. Braid N Go

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Oklahoma’s pride, a multicultural hair braiding destination, invites you to embrace your uniqueness hassle-free. With quick, friendly booking, unleash your style effortlessly. This brand embodies convenience and cultural celebration, weaving together innovation and inclusivity for an unparalleled braiding experience.

50. Craig’s Creative Soap Co.

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Craig’s Creative Soap Co., a mother-daughter business in Oklahoma – produces handmade, vegan soaps. Their diverse product line includes activated charcoal-infused soaps for purification and oatmeal honey soaps for exfoliation. They also offer whipped sugar scrubs, bath soaks, insect repellant spray, shampoo, conditioner bars, and a men’s line. Craig’s artisanal touch is evident in their products, which are sourced locally using honey and handpicked flower embeds. Their creations embody passion and creativity, redefining conventional skincare.

51. Cherokee Rose Handcrafted Jeweler

Renowned for her meticulous craftsmanship, the brand’s creator handcrafts exquisite jewelry, infusing new life into antique and vintage treasures. By using components like antique keys, vintage silverware, and old-time ladies’ watches, each piece radiates a unique charm, honoring the legacy of eras past. Embracing sentimentality, Cherokee Rose offers custom work, transforming cherished heirlooms like family watches or keys into personalized treasures, reflecting the essence of the wearer. This brand intertwines history and emotion, crafting wearable stories from the heart.

52. An Array of Wreaths, LLC

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Established in 2020, this online wreath, home decor, and gift boutique epitomizes Oklahoma’s artistry. Their handmade wreaths and home decor items exude timeless elegance, shipping across the US and Canada, infusing homes with heartwarming charm.

53. 4C Ag Service

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4C Ag Service stands as a testament to the quintessential Oklahoma spirit—a small family farm dedicated to raising Oklahoma Certified Beef. Their presence extends beyond markets and local stores; they open their farm gates, offering starter plants and educational programs for both youth and adults in their on-farm greenhouse.

These exceptional Made in Oklahoma brands stand as a testament to the state’s dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and community. Whether through delectable treats, handcrafted goods, or savory flavors, these brands encapsulate the essence of Oklahoma’s rich heritage and unwavering commitment to excellence. As they continue to thrive and evolve, they serve as proud ambassadors, showcasing the best of what the Sooner State has to offer to the world.

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  1. Thank you for compiling these made in Oklahoma brands for us. I’d like to nominate Johns Farm, “the only beef-producing family farm in Oklahoma with these certifications:

    * Certified Organic – USDA and OK Dept of Agriculture

    *Real Organic Project

    * USDA verified grass-finished

    * Animal Welfare Approved

    They’re my source for organic wheat berries, organic field peas, and exceptional beef.

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